2008-06-21 / Editorials & Letters

'Watchdog' explains why she writes letters


After weeks of waiting for a public records request for Evidence Disposition Forms from the Kirkersville Kops, I received 134 pages of what I believe are recently created forms just to try to appease me! There was ONE of the 134 forms that was completed and signed by the magistrate and showed that a set of keys and a red knife (that were in the evidence room) was returned to the owner. The majority of the others (there are a couple of forms that were typed) are handwritten and have no DISPOSITION indicated! Of the 134 forms, OVER $1340.00 was taken from various people and, again, there is no note of the money being returned to the owners with two exceptions; it was noted that a total of $11.00 that was taken from 2 people was "forfeited." (These 2 forms are not signed by the magistrate.)

In response to Mary Cole: First of all, I don't know for sure which GOB gave you your FALSE information, but I have a pretty good idea! I did NOT attend a meeting in August of 2007 and I DID complain about the bats when this was first brought up in a PUBLIC meeting! My complaint about the bats began in the August 25, 2007 Beacon.

When GOB Zoning Chair Mike Cloud hired or recommended your husband in 2007 as the street worker, I had no qualms with your husband as an employee and believed that he did his best for the village. I certainly have no PERSONAL issues with anyone in your family and do not know, nor have I been introduced to any of you. I would expect the same respect from you. I write letters about PUBLIC officials performing their PUBLIC duties in the eyes of the PUBLIC. Don't just take someone's word for something… not even mine. Do your own research BEFORE you lash out at someone whom you do not know or someone may think your complaint is PERSONAL. Incidentally, do you know WHY they wanted to get rid of the bats? Here's the answer (according to public records): Because Street Commissioner Mike Cloud and a council member "observed the bats one evening!"

And since you, Mary Cole, are new to town here's an explanation of WHY I write letters: After finding financial discrepancies as the council finance committeee chair such as 15 credit cards rather than three; double sets of tickets with the same numbers; police officerstaking cash for tickets as they write them; gas being purchased when no one is on duty; employees 'double dipping;' theft in office,etc. and reporting them to the auditor, I was accused of stealing a mixed breed dog that the Kirkersville Police helped me RESCUE. I was sued for asking to see public records. I was falsely ticketed for having a license plate light out. My children were harassed and falsely ticketed for traffic violations, etc. My goal is to expose what is going on in the Village of Kirkersville so that other families (including your's) wouldn't have to go through the same stress and horror of being hassled by PUBLIC OFFICIALS! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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