2008-06-21 / Editorials & Letters

A BLASST update and thanks


I apologize for not getting consistent energizing letters out as usual. It seems there are just not enough hours in the day.Two weekends ago, the 4th of July poker run was at the Island House. Please accept my thanks from the surrounding Buckeye lake community to the Redneck Women, mates and friends (also special thanks to my fellow blonde!!!!!) Thanks as well to Eddie and Bev Hulls. How lucky this community is to have you all. I don't know what the total was yet, but I couldn't let another issue go by without a thank you to them all.

Next... last weekend was the BLASST golf outing at Harbor Hills Country Club and then off to the AMVETS for food and refreshments. I need to say again how giving golfers and bikers are. Lord, what would we do without their big hearts and deep pockets? It rained on the golfers most of the day. All, but one team stuck it out through the rain. I still think everybody had fun.

Yet again, Eddie, Bev and my fellow blonde were ever present along with the Redneck Women. The big wet necks of the day were my co-chairs Marty and Bud Springer. Marty was ringing wet at the end of the day when she left to see her boyfriend, Pat Dailey. Could it have been any more humid out last Saturday? I sat in the shade and watched Marty work her rear off. For the second year in a row, the Ray Roenbecks team donated their prize money back. Thank you Ray, Kevin and friends and bless all of the participants and volunteers who weathered the storms and helped keep our tradition alive.

BLASST t-shirts are available at Buckeye Lake Marina, Millersport General Store, Millersport Hardware, Island House, Pizza Cottage, Harbor Hills Country Club, T.C. Market, Copper Penny and the Beachcomber. We are only ordering once this year, so if you're a collector please get yours early. We do have some children's sizes most likely at Buckeye Lake Marina. If you need something in particular call Bud at 467-3120 or one of the above outlets.

Now I have to pass on some sad news for myself and I suspect others. RC Company (where we purchased our luminaries) has gone out of business. I say sad for myself because he lighting of the lake is my favorite part of our celebration. As much as I loved the flares of my youth, they don't last very long and can be dangerous. Leanne Piolata came up with the luminaries. There won't be any for sale this year, but we're looking for a new source for next year. If you get a chance pre-order flares from Buckeye Lake Hardware at 928-4700 or Millersport Hardware at 467-2500.

Here is the best news that Buckeye Lake Park Manager Tim Waln and I have gotten in a while. Cub Scout Pack 227 has volunteered to pick up trash at FairfieldBeach on the morning of the fourth. Thank you fellas! Do you know another pack or troop who might volunteer at North Shore Park? Calling all Cub and Boy Scouts - please call Tim at 467-2690 to help out. It would be a huge help for the community.

Thanks to Rhonda Carte, we now have our website up and running. Hopefully it will be able to answer some of your questions. Check us out at blasst.org.

Last, but certainly not least, please read the Public Service Announcement on the opposite page from our area law enforcement and emergency response professionals. Make it safety first this celebration weekend.

Until next week. Victoria Wolfe BLASST Co-chair

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