2008-06-14 / Editorials & Letters

Writer wants the 'watchdog' to use a one-way door


This is directed to the "watch dog" who seems to make what goes on in Kirkersville her PERSONAL business:

I have lived in this community for almost a year and love it. Each time I read your PERSONAL views on the village and what you deem the Good Ole Boys (GOB), you sound like you have some PERSONAL vendetta against someone and you sound like a jerk yourself. You don't even live in the community; why do you feel it's your PERSONAL duty to slam everything that goes on here?

You bring up in your most recent Letter to the Editor about one of our officersbeing involved in a shooting and that I believe he was using the same gun that he uses as a Kirkersville Police officerWas he formally charged with a crime? If you don't have all the fact, why bring it up. Maybe he bought it from the Buckeye Lake police officers.

You call Mike Cloud a professional busybody; what do you call yourself?! You were at the meeting back in August 2007 when the council discussed the removal of the bats and why. You complained about and questioned everything else that night, why not about the process then? And once again you did not list the facts. The reason for the bat removal was due to the destruction the bat feces and urine were doing to the bell tower and the ceiling directly below the tower. Can you imagine what 30 years of that would do to the building? Council also asked citizens to construct bat houses to draw out the bats, did you volunteer to make one? No, because you are not a citizen of this community.

Your one sided views on the entire council and what is OUR village business is getting old. Too bad there isn't a one way door where you could get out and NOT BACK IN! Stay in your own community and work on problems in Buckeye Lake.

Mary Jo Cole Kirkersville

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