2008-06-07 / Editorials & Letters

One more Letter: Ladders needed for Baltimore/Buckeye Lake area work week


This summer, the Baltimore Area Workcamp will be working in our communities. As many as 60 local residents will benefit from the work of a projected 380 adults and teenage volunteers participating in the Baltimore Area Workcamp, coming to the area the week of June 29. The Workcamp will provide free home repairs through the Group Workcamp Foundation program.

In order for the Workcamp to be successful, participants need to be able to reach the areas they will be working on. This is where we could use your help!

On average, each Workcamp requires up to 75 ladders. Because ladders are very difficultto transport, very few participants will be able to bring them to the Workcamp. This means we will need to findladders from within our communities to use for the week.

Would you be able to loan us a ladder to use for the week? All ladders will be tracked carefully, treated respectfully and returned immediately after the Workcamp.

Please call Robin Johnson @ 740-862-1960 as soon as possible for more information on donating the use of your ladders.

Thank you for your help. Robin Johnson Baltimore

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