2008-05-31 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 15: A Lancaster man reported someone threw a rock through his car's window.

• May 18: A North Bank man reported someone stole several items from his garage.

• May 21: A Wood Street woman reported someone broke into her home and stole several items.

• May 21: A semi-trailer stolen from Waterloo, Iowa was recovered at the Buckeye Lake Truck Stop.

• May 22: Police assisted the Millersport squad with a run in Buckeye Lake Estates. The person refused transport.

• May 23: A Buckeye Lake Truck Stop employee reported someone left without paying for diesel fuel.

• May 23: Police received a report of an argument between a landlord and a tenant on Wood Street. Parties were advised.

• May 24: Officerassisted Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a mentally ill patient.

• May 24: A person was removed from the KOA campground for violating its no firearms policy.

• May 24: A Hebron Road man was intoxicated and arguing with a person he was visiting. Parties were advised.

• May 24: A West 2nd Street woman said a man took her car. The man called while police were present. She didn't want to press charges.

• May 24: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a BAC test.

• May 24: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with an ill patient.

• May 25: Police received a report of a vehicle parked in a firelane. Owner was contacted and quickly moved the vehicle.

• May 25: Police assisted a FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officedeputy locate a person in Buckeye Lake who may have been involved with a FairfieldCounty theft.

• May 25: The custodial parent of a Central Avenue youth said the youth's father took him to a tattoo parlor during the father's visitation. The woman was advised it was a civil matter.

• May 25: Officerscontacted an Elliot Street man who was accused of stealing several items from the Family Dollar store. The man freely admitted to the crime and was charged with theft.

• May 25: A person making noise in Ryan Park after 10 p.m. was asked to be quiet.

• May 26: A Millersport man reported his flatbed trailer was stolen.

• May 26: A Buckeye Lake man was arrested on a warrant out of Franklin County.

• May 28: An officer was dispatched to the Buckeye Lake Truck Stop on a report that a Kansas City man in black pickup truck was acting strangely. The officertried to stop the vehicle, but it traveled to the back of the truck stop before stopping. The officerordered the man out of the truck, but he refused to move. Hebron Police was called for back up. The man refused to leave his vehicle until he was ordered to exit or be tased. The man was ordered not to return to the vehicle, but he quickly turned reach for something inside the truck. He was tased. Even then, he refused to allow cuffs to be placed on him. He was tased again and taken into custody. The man's license was under suspension and he resisted arrest. He was transported to jail.


(Police activity to May 26)

• A Westerville man was stopped for excess spend and lanes/lines violations. He was given a warning, but police discovered a Gahanna warrant for passing bad checks. He was arrested and turned over to Gahanna Police.

• Motorists were cited for excess speed for travelling 50, 51, 53 and 54 in a 35 mph zone and 80 and 84 in a 65 mph zone. A commercial vehicle driver was cited for travelling 67 mph in a 55 mph zone.

• Police cited a motorist for a seatbelt and equipment violation.

• Police cited a motorist for an equipment violation, no insurance and using headphones while driving.

• A Kirkersville resident was given a warning for expired tags on a trailer.

• Police stopped a Hebron driver for a traffic signal violation. Police said the man admitted to driving under suspension and hadn't had a license for 10 years. Police noticed an odor of marijuana and the driver allegedly admitted to have a marijuana pipe under his seat. He was issued several citations.

• Police issued warnings for motorists travelling 48, 48, 49, 49, 50, 52, 53 and 58 in a 35 mph zone. Six warnings were also issued for equipment violations. A warning for travelling 75 mph in a 65 mph zone was also issued. Three seat belt violation warnings were also issued.

• Police took an accident report at the Flying J Travel Center involvling two commercial vehicles.

• Police took a report on a breaking and entering at the Main Street home.

• Police stopped a Kirkersville resident for driving under suspension. He told police he was trying to tell his neighbor that his dog had escaped from their yard.

• Police stopped a Reynoldsburg man for travelling 48 mph in a 35 zone. He was cited for speed, a seat belt violation and for having an open container of alcohol. A passenger was also cited for an open container.

• A Pataskala juvenile was given a warning for travelling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone and for failing to ensure his passenger was wearing a seat belt.

• A Newark man was cited for having expired plates on a trailer. He was warned for having fictitious plates.


• May 20: Police were called about vandalism on Chautauqua at 6th Avenue.

• May 21: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle at Canal Drive and Buckeye Lake Marina. Vehicle was left running with the door open and no one was around.

• May 22: Chief Lewis attended a Memorial Day Service at the Lions Club on Chautauqua Boulevard.

• May 22: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a traffic stop on Millersport Road north of town.

• May 23: Police impounded a vehicle out of a traffic stop on Lancaster Street due to speed, fictitious plates and no insurance.

• May 24: A motorist was cited for speed on Lancaster Street at Gift Street for travelling 12 mph over the limit.

• May 25: A motorist was cited for speed on Lancaster Street at Gift Street for travelling 15 mph over the limit.

• May 25: Police stopped a motorist for exceeding the speed limit by 12 mph . The driver was cited and police recovered drugs during the stop. Four drug charges are pending on one adult and one juvenile.

• May 26: Officersarrested a subject with three outstanding drug warrants at 2485 Chautauqua Blvd. and transported him to the FairfieldCounty Jail.


• April 18: Police charged a driver with following too closely after receiving a report about tailgating.

• April 18: Police cited two drivers for travelling 15 mph over the limit.

• April 19: Police responded to a report of an active fight at a West Columbus Street residence. Multiple people were charged with disorderly conduct and alcohol charges.

• April 20: Police stopped a driver for excessive speed and discovered she was driving under an OVI suspension. She was charged and her vehicle was impounded.

• April 20: Police found marijuana in a vehicle after the driver was stopped for speeding.

• April 25: Police stopped a driver for a stop sign violation Church Street.

• April 26: Police stopped a vehicle for one headlight. The driver was found to be intoxicated and test .209 on a BAC test. He was charged with OVI.

• April 26: Police cited a driver for travelling 54 mph in a residential area on South Main Street.

• April 26: Police cited a driver for travelling 57 mph in a residential area on South Main Street.

• April 26: Police assisted a motorist in a disabled vehiclde causing a traffic hazard on West Columbus Street.

• April 26: Police stopped a driver for pulling a trailer without lights. Police discovered he had a suspended license and that his vehicle license plates had expired.

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