2008-05-17 / Editorials & Letters

'Watchdog' is still on the job


A public records request to the Kirkersville Kops for additional "Evidence Disposition Forms" was fruitless. As I stated before, GOB (Good Ole' Boy) Chief Chamberlain told me that there are no forms for 2006 and I suspect there are none for prior years. Several attempts to reach Chamberlain by phone were unsuccessful and I soon found out that he had turned in his resignation allegedly because he is "getting married and moving." What EVER!

I did, however, receive Log Sheets for the past four months. The very first sheet claims that the officerworked for nearly four hours. However, there are only two entries on his log which totals 21 minutes of a four hour shift! The two entries show that the officerwas at the town hall for 17 minutes; and left for four minutes to get fuel (1 mile down the road). BUT somehow there are 30 miles put on the cruiser! Other log sheets belonging to this same PAID officerare similar.

Although there is no operating levy in Kirkersville, that does not stop the GOB's (controlling council members) from spending money. In the past three months, computer jerk Bill Harper received almost $500 for services that I would bet almost anyone could perform. GOB Zoning Inspector Tom Fredericks gets paid for "working on updating zoning for past rezonings" that took him 3.5 hours to complete; 5 hours to review "flood maps and attend council meeting." I have not heard Mr. Fredericks give a report that should require him to be paid to be there! GOB Zoning Chairman Mike Cloud also attends these meetings and should be saving the taxpayer's money by giving any necessary report. But since the meetings are video taped, I think Mr. Cloud (photographer for West Licking Fire) is camera shy, again!

Other expenditures for the month of April include Stantec Consulting Services in the amount of 1007.31; M. Tremblay 195.50; and Flying J $251.05.

It is my understanding that Kirkersville Kops are now "shut down" until they get an "Acting Chief." It is my opinion, that there may be a problem if they have to hire an "Acting Chief" from within the department. However, if they need an "Acting Clown," they should be all set! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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