2008-05-17 / Editorials & Letters

Too much farmland is being lost


In the unincorporated areas of FairfieldCounty, more than 26 square miles of farmland have been built on or paved over in the last eight years. That area compares to more than half the size of Walnut Township.

Also, using countywide figures compiled by William Yaple, a regional planning commission and Violet Township zoning administrator, seven more square miles of land went into subdivisions in incorporated areas during the same time period (computed using 640 acres as one square mile).

We already are missing the locally grown grain that is going into ethanol and biodiesel. Grocery prices are rising along with fuel costs. More people are walking or biking.

There were "victory gardens" during World War II and rationing at stores. We may soon need backyard gardens again. Most of those yards, after all, once supplied us and other nations with corn, wheat and soybeans. Larry Neeley Walnut Township

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