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Mooney responds to letter


The residents of Baltimore who read the May 10 Beacon harangue by a clown who identified herself as "Diana Snoke of Mesa Arizona" and directed to "Looney Mooney" must realize that this letter is phony, concocted, and a fabrication of more than one person. So, up front, we say "Diana (or whoever you really are) you are phony, you are a calculating and disgusting liar, you live in the Baltimore area, and you, along with others, have fabricated a story that you know to be a falsehood and have done so simply because you don't have the guts to give your correct name. Your pipeline directly into the bunker is unmistakable. I am Dave Mooney. I sign my letters, and stand behind this statement. Does the Baltimore area closet writer who deliberately concocted this fabricated letter have the guts to come forward and identify herself/himself?

Any sensible person would realize that one who had never lived in the Village and got their knowledge from only two newspaper items would have 1.) no interest in the distant village of Baltimore (2000 miles away) and 2.) would have no first-hand knowledge of Village affairs and wouldn't even care. I stand behind every statement of fact that I made in my April 26 Beacon letter to which this phony writer takes exception.

Although I don't pay any real attention to the writer's repeated use of the term "Looney," I challenge her to meet me in any public place for a show of wits and we'll soon see how smart this motorized jawbone really is. Is this clown ready to put her brain where her mouth is?

I remind the people of the Village that this writer jumped me first and seems to be carrying a personal vendetta to which I have a right to defend. Further, the people of the Village have the right to know just who this calculating person really is. The statements of fact in my letter of April 26 are true and came first-hand from the people themselves. This is as good as evidence can be and I stand behind it. I pledge this to be a true statement to the residents of the Village. On the other hand, it is clear that the ridiculous letter supposedly from Arizona was a fabrication that came directly or indirectly from the town bunker.

I will not waste time trying to respond to concocted stories and distortions from a fabricated letter. However, a few deserve mention. Contrary to the writer's claims, I've never voted for a single member of council. The writer then gets completely confused in my letter of April 26 and exhibits a third grade reading ability. I said clearly that it was Marsha Hall who has made more than a third of a million in her tenure ($63,700 yearly) and I made no reference to Welker. The writer is tortured and confused but she keeps hacking away. She wants to know where I got the salary figures for village officialsthat I have quoted. By virtue of state Sunshine Laws, I received these figures directly from village Fiscal Officer, Flo Welker ($30,758).

I must remind this ignorant writing woman that all my comments and criticisms have been directed to elected or appointed town officials which I have a perfect right to do while she is directing her outright lies towards me personally which she does not have a right to do. The woman further accuses me of "slander" (she is trying to describe libel and clearly doesn't know the difference).

She says that my sources are "garbage." I can say that the information in my letter is first-hand by mouth. Can't get much better. Where did the writer from "Arizona" get her info? I have informed the village council clowns on numerous occasions that I don't have a single "vacant lot" that I'm trying to peddle. Like Council, this ignorant woman doesn't seem to savvy English. However, the entire parcel can be purchased in undivided acreage - if you have the money. How many times will I have to explain this?

The writer is not clever and she is not witty. She is simply a loudmouthed fool with a chip on her shoulder who doesn't know what she's talking about.

Once again. You have fabricated a false story and address that is beyond any sensible person's ability to accept. It is clear that your are from the Baltimore area. You are not fooling anyone and I will not further communicate with you.

It appears that somehow council is desperate enough to get someone of your ilk to bat for them. Pathetic. I don't know who you are and I don't care who you are. My only hope is that you will just leave me alone. Dave Mooney Baltimore

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