2008-05-10 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


May 1: Police arrested a subject at 12280 Lancaster Street that had a warrant for assault at 12280 Lancaster St. The subject was transported to the Perry Co. Jail.

May 1: While returning from the Perry County Jail, officer encountered a fresh injury accident involving a single occupant motorcycle on Ohio 204 west of Shell Beach Road. Officerrendered assistance and called for medics. The accident scene was turned over to FairfieldCounty Sheriffs Office.

May 2: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeon a domestic violence call on South Bank Road. The primary aggressor had fled.

May 2: Police stopped motorist at Lancaster and Mill streets for equipment violations. The motorist was issued a warning.

May 3: The Millersport Police Department and the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeconducted a Knock and Talk initiative to address narcotics complaints in the Village of Millersport. "Knock and Talk" seeks voluntary compliance to address narcotic and contraband complaints. Three Millersport officers, one FairfieldCounty Sheriff's OfficeK-9 Unit, four Fairfield County Sheriff's Officedeputies, one Fairfield-Hocking Major Crimes Unit agent and two Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers participated in the initiative. Troopers and deputies conducted traffic stops and vehicle searches for drugs/contraband. Six village residences were contacted based on complaints and anonymous tips. At two of the homes, residents refused to cooperate. These homes will be subject to additional investigation. Residents at two other homes fully cooperated and both were cleared. At the other homes, residents also fully cooperated. Searches at these two homes will result in multiple drug-related charges. Officersalso seized 46 drug and related items.

May 5: Police responded to Buckeye Lake Marina on an attempted theft of an $8,000 boat motor. The motor had been removed from a boat on the parking lot. There were four suspects who fledthe scene and left the boat motor and their two-wheel dolly behind. Police recovered several good prints off of the motor and dolly. Contact has been made with one of the suspects who is a local resident. Police will be filing charges soon on the suspects.


• April 2: A South Church Street resident reported an attempted theft of copper wire. Patrols in the area were increased.

• April 2: A small child was bitten by a dog running at large in the village park. The dog owner was cited.

• April 3: A West Columbus Street resident was issued two citations for allowing dogs to run at large.

• April 4: A driver was cited for expired license plates.

• April 4: Police responded to a barking dog complaint on East Columbus Street.

• April 5: Police stopped a vehicle with a cracked windshield and discovered the driver had a suspended license.

• April 5: Police cited a driver for using fictitious license plates.

• April 5: Police warned a driver for spinning his tires in downtown.

• April 7: Police warned a driver about excessive speed. • April 7: Two drivers were cited for travelling 15 mph over the speed limit on South Church Street.

• April 7: A Meadows apartment resident was warned about loud music.

• April 7: Police cited a motorist for loud/offensive music on North Main Street.

• April 7: Police cited a driver for a traffic signal violation at Main and Columbus streets.

• April 8: Police made a traffic stop for an equipment violation and discovered that the driver was suspended and that the passenger had an open container of alcohol.

• April 8: Police warned the same West Columbus Street resident cited earlier in the month for allowing two dogs to run at large.

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