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Writer fed up with letters from 'Looney Mooney'


I don't live in Millersport or Hebron nor do I live in Baltimore, (who would want to with Dave Mooney living there?) I have had the opportunity to read The Buckeye Lake Beacon a couple of times and both times there has been a letter from this Mooney person.

It appears to me that "Looney Mooney" has nothing better to do than to put down the local Village Administrator and her staff. He is very rude and obnoxious and is doing nothing but slandering these people. All but Mr. Chad Sims. Whom, according to the way Looney Mooney feels, can walk on water and part the red sea??? Mr. Looney, do you honestly think anyone in the village actually cares what you feel towards your local government employees and their staff?

I do not know Mr. Sims and I definitely have no clue who this Looney guy is. But for the life of me why is he so down on the Village? Could it be because he has some vacant lots that he is trying to get the village to put an access road to? Could it be that he feels the village should pay for this street development so as to put more money into his wallet? Surely not!!!

It appears that this man has nothing better to do than to sit around and slander these people. He quotes their wages...Can he prove these are accurate figures? Has he seen their paychecks? Is he willing to print his wages in your newspaper? I feel if he has nothing good to say about the village and if they are treating him so badly, then he needs to pack up and move his "not so political rump." Better yet, why don't Looney Mooney run for office?Are you afraid that the Village of Baltimore would see your true colors as a loser?

You are all bark and no bite. You cannot prove any of the garbage that you say about these people.

You say you "probably would not recognize Mr. Sims if he stopped by your door?" If that is in fact a true statement, how do you know it is "his handiwork on the projects in the Village?" Did he engrave his name on theses "projects?" Did you actually see him digging these "ditches?" (Oops, silly me you don't recognize him) Did you see him renovate the shelter house all by himself? (Oops, I forgot, you did say that you would not recognize him) And my goodness Mr. Looney, did you actually see the checkbook of the Village showing the "Hundreds of thousands of dollars" that you say he saved the Village? And of course you wouldn't recognize him if he was renovating the officechambers either now would you?

As for Marsha Hall, she brings a lot of knowledge, professionalism and resources to the Village that you appear to be living in by choice. If your so darn unhappy with you local officials, get off your whiney butt and apply for her job and put up with the garbage that she does with people like you. You call your Village Council "hare-brains" well guess what? You voted for them - who is the "hare-brain" now Mr. Looney Mooney?

You called Flo Welker "deadwood." Look in the mirror Mr. Mooney...Do you really like what is looking back at you? Do you actually think you could do what Mrs. Welker does and do it as well? She must be doing something right or she wouldn't be in the office.Do you honestly believe that she was making one third of a million dollars in wages that she would be living in your town?

Mr. Rose, you say "failed the water test multiple times (6)?" Who is your resource for this information? Could it be the disgruntled employees that were reprimanded at one time or another for doing things they weren't supposed to be doing on Village time? Could it be the ones that are habitual absentee employees? You say that "you have been unable to carry on a sensible dialogue with him"...... Duhhhhhh - maybe because your just an ignorant disgruntled towns person that think others actually care what you think? As you stated, and I quote once again, "the town is like a rudderless ship, drifting aimlessly with out direction or purpose." Well, if YOUR "proud little Village of Baltimore deserves better," why don't you leave and then it will be proud because it won't have people like you writing so much garbage because you are unable to benefit from your vacant lots at the Village expense?

My suggestion to you would be, and once again I am quoting one of your quotes, get up off your "not so political rump" and see if you can run the town any better. My guess is that you would be laughed out of town so fast your little rudderless ship would know the direction to go then......and you can fillin that blank. Diana Snoke Mesa, Arizona

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