2008-05-10 / Editorials & Letters

Reader misses Walnut Township's notices


I am a resident near the northern border of Walnut Township. Twice recently there have been zoning or zoning appeal meetings that were scheduled or happened in the township that I did not know about. Because I am the leader of the Baltimore Boy Scout troop, I was able to learn from a parent about a rezoning issue of a stone/ gravel business along Ohio 37. I only found out about the possible rezoning of land north of Millersport, between Millersport Rd and 37 by reading a NEWS story about that request in this paper.

In the past, I remember reading display ads in the Beacon from the Walnut Township government about special zoning requests, and/or zoning appeal meetings. I assume the Trustees must have some issue against the Beacon since there has not been any proclamation of zoning and appeals meetings in a long time. I still read notices from Thorn Township and Liberty Township, but not Walnut Township.

I figure it can't be because they lack the funds. This is the second year in a row they have spent my (and other residents) tax money to pay for an attorney to hash out a ONE-year firecontract with the Village of Millersport. My money will be wasted again when the next contract is negotiated and worked on.

In the meantime, there are parts of Walnut Township that remain uninformed about zoning issues because the trustees may have had a tiff with the Beacon.

I guess if we all want to keep informed about township business, we could drive each day to the township office,and check for postings of upcoming special meetings on their bulletin board.

Or maybe we can save our gas, and tough it out until November 2009. Tom Tweedle North Bank

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