2008-05-03 / Editorials & Letters

Just one year contracts


I am so very tired of the continued embarrassment I read in the Beacon about our township and the local firedepartment. I personally sat on a committee to ensure that Fairfield Beach residents would not be subjected to any loss as a result of the continued embarrassment and misunderstandings between the township and Millersport Fire Department.

I am a homeowner at the Beach. I will not tolerate any lack of service for the homeowners, rental residents and overall voters that live, work and call FairfieldBeach their home.

I have dedicated 30 plus years of my life to the housing industry. I will not let Millersport dictate to FairfieldBeach how our firesecurity will be handled. I would never accept Millersport having more than a one year contract at a time. As homeowners and residents of the FairfieldBeach community, we MUST come together and protect ourselves. Lee Pritchard FairfieldBeach

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