2008-05-03 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 18: An officerresponded to a domestic violence call at a Walnut Road residence. The woman who made the call allowed police to remove weapons from the residence and told police where the man who allegedly hit her could be found at work. The man was located, taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.

• April 24: Police assisted Hebron Police with a building search; a Hebron store's door was open but the area was secure.

• April 25: Police assisted Hebron Police with a domestic violence call at a West Main Street residence.

• April 26: Police received a report of drunken juveniles gallivanting in a golf cart. No juveniles were found, but an unoccupied golf cart was located at a residence.

• April 30: A Mallard Way woman said her personal identity information was stolen a year ago, and now someone is making charges on her account.


April 14: Police took a report from a Gift Street resident at 3:45 p.m. who caught a juvenile vandalizing his property. The juvenile was from FairfieldBeach.

April 14: Police responded with medics on an injured man at the Millersport High School. The man was transported by medics.

April 15: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeon an alarm drop on Laurel Avenue in Fairfield Beach. Everything was OK.

April 18: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a bonfireon Dahlia. Parties were advised.

April 18: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officewith an intoxicated suspect. Suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

April 18: Police were assisted by Buckeye Lake Police and the Fairfield County Sheriff's Officewith a suicidal suspect at 12280 Lancaster St. who was destroying property and threatening to kill officersand residents. Upon arrival, the intoxicated suspect stated he was going to mace officersso police would shoot him. Suspect was taken into custody after throwing chairs through windows and destroying the inside of his apartment. Suspect was transported to FairfieldMedical Center for emergency evaluation and then to the county jail.

April 19: Police took a report of an assault t from a resident of 12280 Lancaster St. The victim was struck in the face. The suspect was arrested and charged with assault.

April 19: Police found an open door at Millersport High School. A custodian was notified and responded to secure the door. Nothing was taken or disturbed.

April 20: Police responded to Kreiger Tire on an alarm drop. Everything was OK.

April 20: Police responded to an alarm drop at 12456 Lancaster St. The alarm turned out to be false.

April 20: Police assisted a Village of Millersport zoning officialat 12280 Lancaster St.

April 20: Chief Lewis met with the prosecutor and filed seven charges out of an incident on the evening on April 18. Charges filed were Inducing Panic, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief, Assault and Obstructing.

April 24: Police responded with medics on a Gift Street run.

April 24: Police held a theft suspect from 12280 Lancaster St. on the Valero lot until FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Office deputies arrived. The theft was a $40 gas drive-off in Baltimore.

April 24: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeon Park Place, Liebs Island on a domestic violence/assault call. The aggressor was arrested by deputies for domestic violence and assault and taken to the FairfieldCounty Jail.

April 26: Police stopped an ATV being operated on Ohio 204. The quad and driver was picked up by friends in lieu of citations and impoundment.

April 26: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeon a domestic violence call on Lakeshore Drive. All parties were warned on a verbal confrontation.

April 26: Police stopped a motorist on Lancaster Street/Canal for moving violations and issued a warning.

April 27: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeon Cottonwood Court on a domestic violence call. A report was taken for domestic violence/assault on a handicapped person. The suspect also took the victim's vehicle without authorization. Two hours later when the suspect returned to Cottonwood Court, police and a deputy were waiting and placed him under arrest. The suspect was taken to county jail. While police were waiting for the suspect to return, a West Bank Homeowners Association trustee approached police and expressed his displeasure that police were parked on West Bank Road which he stated was private property.

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