2008-04-19 / Editorials & Letters

Ohio 13 clean up set for April 26

Editor: April 22 is EARTH DAY. Celebrating the earth in all its splendor should be done by all of us every day, but to get to that point and to create awareness, we celebrate it once a year.

There are many groups who do us all a service by cleaning up litter that has been tossed onto our roadsides. We see them with their vests and orange bags picking up trash. The hard part of slogging through the ditches getting feet wet, climbing banks, getting wind blown, freezing in the cold or baking in the sun is offset by sharing it with others and knowing that we are making our county a better place to live I never fully appreciated the work of these volunteers, until I did it myself. I would like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to them all.

I invite others to get involved. If you see a group working, stop and offer to help if you can. At 9 a.m. on April 26, the Perry County Democratic Forum, the Perry County Democratic Women's Caucus, and Women's Club will clean the stretch of SR 13 just north and south of Sheridan Drive. We invite any who would like to join us to meet at the corner of SR 13 and Sheridan Drive. Vests and bags will be provided. Bring protective gloves.

Someday, we hope that there won't be a need for such clean ups. If those who toss stuff out their windows would take it home to their trash cans, we would not have unsightly highways and we could all enjoy the beauty of our lovely Perry County and State of Ohio. Please DON'T LITTER! Patricia Reinhart Thornville

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