2008-04-19 / Editorials & Letters

Students should recite Pledge of Allegiance


It has come to my attention that the principal of Millersport Elementary School has decided that having the children recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flagon a daily or even weekly basis is a waste of time and, apparently, the superintendent/ school board is allowing it.

Ms. Cheryl Thomson offers the excuse that the children only say it in 'rote' repetition and that it is basically meaningless to them, not to mention the fact that she is busy in the mornings and neither she nor her secretary have time to accomplish this meaningless chore.

Now, I will admit to being of the 'old school' philosophy when it come to 'rote' repetition. Funny, I thought many things in school were 'taught' with this method.

Regardless of one's singular agenda, feelings regarding conflictor agreement/disagreement with methods, it remains a fact that we have folks willing to suffer and even die for that flag. It is incomprehensible to me that a school in the United States of America - let alone 'small town' American - would become so numb to our patriot pride and sacrifice as to lead its children to believe it is unimportant to swell with pride and love for country. The next class of children to enter the school may never be 'taught' this precious recital.

It is with great respect that I urge every veteran and parent in the area to explore this travesty before it leads to further negative agendas. J. L. Burns Lancaster

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