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'Watchdog' finds most 'evidence' is blacked out


According to public records, Kirkersville GOB Zoning Inspector Tom Fredericks (recycled from the Licking County Planning Commission) was paid for attending various meetings and writing letters to "amusement devise" companies. In one instance, he was paid for four hours for writing a letter and attending the council meeting.

Zoning Chairman, GOB Mike Cloud, attends these meetings and should be reporting zoning issues rather than paying someone to do that for him. Zoning also has a paid "secretary" and had been using a stenographer service ($90+ per hour).

GOB Bill Harper was paid $172.50 in the month of March. If this computer jerk were doing a good job, would they need him to be there so often!? It might be cheaper to buy a new hard drive every month!

One bill from AEP was paid totaling $1,161.54 and noted that it was a two month bill claiming there was no bill in February. AEP was also paid additional amounts of $344.77, 41.63, 133.04 and 13.26 throughout the month of March and $556.02 paid to Columbia Gas.

After a couple of weeks, I received copies of "Evidence Disposition Forms" from the Kirkersville Kops. HOWEVER, the information about the type of evidence was blacked out - ALL of it! Some of the forms had no names or case numbers. One document was a "Uniform Incident Report" which noted the offense as a Breaking and Entering; the victim was the Village of Kirkersville; and something was stolen. But the description of the stolen items was also blacked out. Since this was part of a request for "Evidence Disposition Forms" was this something stolen from the evidence room?

Many of these reports are dated from 2007 and some have names and notations that they went to Municipal Court. An Internet search revealed that some of these cases were closed which would contradict what Chamberlain was told to do by Village Solicitor Debbie Kenney. She allegedly told him that he was to release the information on cases that were not pending. My intent, as I said in a previous letter, was to findout how much MONEY was kept in the evidence room. Apparently the Kops don't want anyone to know.

And, last, but certainly not least - HE'S BACK! Yep, Sgt. Chris Martin (that was too aggressive for Buckeye Lake and the same Kop that shot pellets at another Kop on the steps of the town hall) resigned effective March 10th. But, according to the Village Clerk, Martin's resignation wasn't in writing and council didn't act on it in time. Martin changed his mind and council felt they had to take him back. Since the Chief wasn't the "Evidence Technician" and the only other Kop was on unpaid suspension, was Chris Martin in charge of the evidence? I believe he was!

Here's a note to the other "watchdogs"out there. The GOB's will accuse you of following them; harassing them; or whatever sorry excuse they can come up with. But exposing the truth is a greatly needed public service - for the public- not the GOB's! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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