2008-04-12 / Editorials & Letters

Thief is risking damnation


This letter is for those who took two big gray geese from under my pine tree. I was shocked and hurt when I saw they had been taken. They were a gift to me from my daughter.

You might sneak into my yard and take things that do not belong to you. You may get away with it and may never get caught in your stealing. But someone saw you and sees everything you do. You broke one of Ten Commandments; Thou shall not steal. That's a sin.

I feel sorry for you, taking things from older people and those younger. You have done wrong and what goes around, comes around.

One day you will lose someone or something you love, then you will know the hurt and heartbreak.

Think about it before it is too late. Does sinning make you happy? To me, it isn't worth stealing for. For me, I couldn't go to sleep knowing I took something from someone. I couldn't be happy knowing I made someone else unhappy.

Life is too short to live hurting others. Just remember you will pay some day for what you do. Is this worth sending yourself to hell, stealing from innocent people. Jean Dennis Buckeye Lake

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