2008-04-12 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 2: A Union Street woman said someone stole two yard geese from her property.

• April 4: A Groveport man said someone stole the motor from his boat, which was docked at Buckeye Lake.

• April 4: A West 1st Street property owner said a tenant stole items from a rented trailer.

• April 4: An officerassisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a stranded vehicle on I-70.

• April 5: A Walnut Road woman said her husband assaulted her three days prior. He never apologized, so she filed a report.

• April 5: Albanese Food Gallery barred a woman from the store who was harassing customers and trying to sell food stamps for cash.

• April 5: Officerassisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officewith a burglary in progress.

• April 5: An employee at Albanese Food Gallery detained a shoplifter until police arrived.

• April 6: A Walnut Road woman said her neighbor was stealing electricity from her. The officerfollowed an extension cord from her trailer to a neighbor's trailer. The neighbor was charged with theft (no pun intended).

• April 6: An officerwas dispatched near the Walnut Road and North Bank Road intersection where a deer was caught in a fence. The deer was put down.

• April 6: Intoxicated 1st Street residents were arguing over a property line. One resident was told to go home until she was sober. The resident complied.

• April 7: A man reported several windows were shattered from his vehicle, and the hubcaps, stereo, and battery were removed. Several witnesses said a Walnut Road woman caused the damage and stole the items from the car. When officers confronted the woman, she first blamed the incident on her son, but then admitted responsibility, saying she thought the vehicle was abandoned. Police said she strongly resisted arrest, daring the officerto tase her. The officertased her. She still resisted arrest and dared the officerto tase her again. The officertased her again. She was finally taken to Licking County jail.


• March 1: A mother reported that her daughter was out of control again. This time she told police she would take their advice and fileunruly charges against her.

• March 2: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at U. S. 40 and cited a driver for driving under suspension and travelling 73 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• March 3: Police were called at 2:36 a.m. about a vehicle running on Westview Drive with someone in it. The occupant said she was locked out of her house and decided to sleep in her vehicle. Police checked a rear door and found it wasn't locked. Police gained entry and checked the house. Everything was OK.

• March 3: A raspberry Circle resident reported a theft at her residence between Feb. 15 and March 3. She reported that a known man staying at her house had stolen her wedding rings and several other items. A friend told her that the suspect had taken the items to a pawn shop. The suspect volunteered to get them out of pawn, but failed to show up at the agreed upon time. The complainant then decided to call police. Police confirmedthat the suspect had pawned the rings. Charges are pending.


• Feb. 26: Police investigated a break-in of a semi-truck on the lot of Flying J Travel Plaza. The driver's side window had been broken. A ball-peen hammer was recovered from the interior of the truck. The driver, a man from Keene, Ontario, Canada, stated that he found nothing missing.

• Feb. 27: Police responded to a non-injury crash on East Main Street near First Street. A resident, while backing from her driveway, backed into a passing truck driven by a Columbus man. A report was filed.


• March 24: Chief Lewis conducted yearly firearms qualifications for personnel.

• March 24: After receiving a citizens complaint concerning a motorist driving erratically in the area of Broad and Mill St, officerstopped the suspect vehicle and issued a warning.

• March 28: Officersattended taser training and certification hosted by the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office.

• March 28: Officers issued two traffic warnings and one citation for 43 mph in a posted 25 mph zone.

• March 28: Officerschecked out a suspicious vehicle behind the storage units north of Lynn Avenue. The vehicle checked out OK.

• March 29: Officerissued a citation for 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.


• March 18: Police cited a Heath man for travelling 17 mph over the posted speed limit.

• March 20: Police warned a juvenile found walking by the school at 1 a.m. who advised his buddy just drove off without him. While talking with the juvenile, police saw the vehicle his friend was operating at the end of Maple Street. The boys were advised about curfew and their suspicious behavior as well as equipment violations on their vehicle.

• March 21: A male subject was stopped for operating a vehicle with expired plates and no seat belt. Upon investigation, police discovered that his license is suspended. The vehicle was impounded and he was cited for the violations. He was taken to the station for a report and released to a valid driver.

• March 21: Police were called to Ohio 13 to watch for a vehicle reported fleeing the scene of a domestic in Somerset. Somerset Police advised there was blood all over the scene and the subject was wanted for questioning. Police found the vehicle and stopped it for Somerset, as well as for having a shattered windshield and other violations. The female driver immediately admitted to drinking "8 to 12" beers and had blood on her hands. She advised the windshield was busted during the fight in Somerset. She was arrested for OVI and operating with an expired license. Her BAC test showed she was 2.5 times the legal limit.

• March 21: Police were dispatched to Foster Dr. on a report of a domestic dispute. Police determined it was a verbal dispute. All parties were advised.

• March 22: Police paced a vehicle for four blocks on East Columbus Street at 47 mph in a 35 mph zone. The Thornville area woman was cited.

• March 23: Police stopped a motorist for no tail lights at about 1 a.m. The driver admitted to consuming 2-3 beers and was operating with a suspended license. The driver was issued a citation for various charges.

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