2008-03-29 / Editorials & Letters

Another Letter: Writer thanks 'watchdog,' police for safe return of pet


I feel I must respond to Mr. Ahern's letter in last week's Beacon since it was my "stray" that prompted Bonnie Mansfield'sletter.

I've had my pet for six years and unfortunately, she strayed around 7:00 in the evening. I have tags and ID for her, but the clip broke a couple of days before this incident. I was not that anxious to replace it since I do not have a problem with her straying and I do not let her run loose.

Thank goodness that Police Captain Hanzy saw her on Ohio 79 and recognized that she was a pet and not simply a "drop off". He took the time to contact Bonnie's organization who took my pet in until we made contact with each other.

Contacting Animal Control for a lost pet is fineif you lose them during banking hours. The next morning I contacted the Licking County Dog Warden's officeand was treated very indifferently, practically bordering on rude. This individual offered no suggestions. I continued my search, even posting notices on the Advocate Forums section asking for help.

On the third day, I contacted the Dog Warden's officeagain and spoke with a different individual who suggested a web site to explore. If the previous employee had cared enough, I would have saved myself a full day of torment.

Bonnie had posted in the found section my pet. When we went to pick up my pet, Bonnie suggested writing a phone number in permanent marker, on the dog's collar as an extra precaution. I agree, I did it as soon as I got her home. So pet owners, it IS a great idea!

I sure hope the few minutes that Captain Hanzy spent on this didn't derail any major drug investigations! Give me a break!

Again, thanks to both of these caring individuals for helping me get my pet back. James Wolfe Buckeye Lake

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