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Watchdog' looking out for dogs


According to public records, GOB (Good Ole' Boy) Computer Jerk Bill Harper took in about $355 for the months of February and March. Bingman's Auto and Truck Repair was paid $3,218.25 in February and Melissa Tremblay received $287.50 for assisting Village Clerk, Johnny (Bob) Adkins in doing his job.

In a "draft" copy of the March 5th council meeting minutes, Mr. Adkins accused Debi Seymour of saying that she and others were "offended by religious material in the council room." (There is a church flagthat stands by the council bench and prayer request forms and hymnals are kept in the pews.)

Before council approves these minutes at their April 2nd meeting, I hope they ask for a correction. Ms. Seymour did not say she was "offended" but was merely questioning why the issue of Separation of Church and State would be different now than it was a few years ago when Bennie Evans claimed there was a conflictwith a prior church being in the town hall.

Also in these "draft" minutes, Mr. Adkins states that "Bennie told council he was OFFENDED by the meeting being taped. He asked the clerk to put it in the minutes that Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Mansfieldwere taping the meeting." I don't know that Bennie Evans was "offended" but he certainly should be ASHAMED as Ms. Seymour also reminded council that she believed the voters made it clear that they didn't want Evans to represent them and the previous council appointed him to a council seat, regardless.

And this is in response to Sean Ahern's letter in last week's Beacon: If I'm not mistaken, Sean, you are a friend of Dog Warden Jon Luzio, and have been for many years. You may have a totally different experience with the staff at Licking County Animal Control (LCAC) than the general public will have.

It is a very traumatic experience losing a dog, both for the dog and the owner and in many instances the public has to deal with the rudeness of an LCAC employee who obviously couldn't care less if you findyour dog or not! Most dogs are very frightened because they are in a strange environment; in a block cubical; hearing other dogs barking and crying; not knowing where their master is and why he isn't coming for them and then to be at the mercy of an uncaring individual is heartless, to say the least.

The ring that comes with the dog tag is not very durable and will detach if it gets hooked on something (such as a fence; or a dog scratching and getting his toenail in the ring; or two dogs playing and pulling at each other's collar).

I am in no way suggesting that someone disobey the law. I am merely informing people that a tag is not necessarily going to be on the collar of your dog if he/she gets loose. You should always have your tags displayed on your dog's collar! However, the purchase of a dog tag does NOT guarantee the return of your dog, either!

Mr. Ahern, you call the pound a "central clearing officefor all lost dogs including those that might have gotten away from a visitor to the area or a trucker from out of state." I can assure you that rescue groups fought long and hard with the LCAC because they (LCAC) refused to take information on dogs that were lost or found who were wearing tags that were not LICKING COUNTY tags (such as the case where I took in two dogs with current PERRY County tags and LCAC refused to note the information because they weren't LICKING County tags although the dogs were found in Licking County)! We have finally succeeded in getting LCAC to allow the public to post lost/found notices on their website at http://lcounty.com/ac/lcaso/. However, not everybody has Internet and LCAC still should keep track of these animals but, sadly, they will not!

Trust me, Mr. Ahern, you are living in a fantasy world if you think other departments who are helping to reunite lost animals with their owners are "DUPLICATING" the efforts of the LCAC. The police levy has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not a police officercan help reunite lost animals and their owners. It costs nothing to show compassion to a little lost dog.

And just so we're straight on this - my comments pertain primarily to the MANAGEMENT of LCAC, Jon Luzio and Korie Glover, who could initiate positive changes for the people and animals of this county. It wouldn't cost them a dime to use, but could possibly be the greatest asset of all - COMPASSION! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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