2008-03-22 / News

Report from Council: Village clean up day set for April 9-12

By Jim Bartoe, Buckeye Lake Council Member

There will be a spring cleanup in the village on April 9-12 from 8:00 AM till 6:00 pm for residents of Buckeye Lake only. There will be dumpsters behind the village hall in the street department compound. Since we have and abundance of tires lying around the village, this will be a good chance to get rid of them. There will be a small charge for the tires. Regular car tires will be $2.00 each and semi truck tires will be $6.00 each. This is what it will cost the village to have them hauled away. We hope that everyone will take advantage of getting rid of these tires. They harbor mosquitoes and make the village look trashy.

In the near future, the village will be getting the county recycling trailer back. It will be located behind the village office.Also, Big 'O' will be putting one of their recycling containers in back of the village office.There is now a depository for newspapers, magazines and officepaper located in front of the village office.The revenue from this container will go for the Parks & Recreation department.

Since warm weather is just around the corner and residents will be allowing their pets to remain outside, I would like to remind everyone of the letter the Mayor put in the paper last year about barking dogs and all pets being on someone else's property. Remember, by law, your pets must remain on your own property and all loud noise such as barking dogs and stereo music is not allowed. These violations could lead to a citation and a fine. Please respect the property and privacy of your neighbors.

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