2008-03-22 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says call Animal Control if you lose or find a pet


In the March 15 Beacon, Ms. Bonnie Mansfieldhad several suggestions about animal control in Buckeye Lake. Although these ideas were well intentioned, I believe she is misguided in her solutions.

Dogs are required to be registered and Licking County Animal Control provides a tag with this registration. If the dog is turned into Animal Control and has a tag (much more durable than magic marker) they are required to hold the dog for 14 days and make attempts to locate the owner including sending a registered letter to the owner if they cannot be contacted by phone. This creates a central clearing officefor all lost dogs including those that might have gotten away from a visitor to the area or a trucker from out of state.

With the failure of the police levy in Buckeye Lake and an alleged drug problem in the area, I'm sure the officersof the Buckeye Lake Police Department can better expend their efforts on things other than duplicating the efforts of the Licking County Animal Control.

Just as the Police and Fire Departments have their areas of expertise, Animal Control has the knowledge and equipment to safely and humanely capture and control strays without risk to their officers.

If you have lost or found an animal in Buckeye Lake please call the Licking County Dog Warden at 740-349-6562. Sean Ahern Harbor Hills

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