2008-03-22 / Editorials & Letters

Still time to win $100 for best BLASST celebration theme


Here is a little idea to get you out of the winter blues. BLASST is running a contest for this year's theme for the third/fourth of July celebration. It has to be 4-10 word sor numbers so it can fiton the T-shirt after all. It will be the theme of the boat parade as well.

Last year the theme was "AMERICAN PRIDE AT BUCKEYE LAKE." Send as many entries as you want to: BLASST, 13284 West Bank Dr., Millersport, OH. 43046 or e-mail them to blasst@ adelphia.net.

Need an incentive? The winner gets $100 dollars and an invitation to be a guest of mine for dinner and a night on the barge for two the night of the fireworks.

Come join in the fun! Victoria Wolfe Co-Chair of BLASST

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