2008-03-08 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Feb. 27: A West 3rd Street woman said her ex-boyfriend abandoned a vehicle on her property. The vehicle was marked and eventually impounded.

• Feb. 27: A Hebron Road woman reported that her boyfriend, who is on her lease, was tearing up her apartment.

• Feb. 28: An officerassisted an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with a Breathalyzer test. The person tested above the legal limit.

• Feb. 28: A Millersport man said juveniles were throwing rocks at his car.

• Feb. 29: A Walnut Road man said his wife left with their children, and he didn't know what to do. He was advised that it was a civil matter and he should contact a lawyer.

• Feb. 29: Police responded to an alarm drop at Rhino Dirt Works. It was an employee bringing in a company vehicle after hours.

• Feb. 29: A Super 8 motel employee thought people were staying in a room without properly registering. There was a clerical error. The guests were registered.

• March 1: The VFW 1388 post reported three flags, ropes, and hooks were removed from a veterans' memorial.

• March 1: A Carroll, Ohio man hit his car's accelerator instead of its brake pedal and collided with another vehicle. There were no injuries.

• March 2: A Hebron man was caught trying to remove scrap metal from the Rhino Dirt Works grounds.

• March 4: There was a false alarm at the Beachridge Lounge.

• March 4: An officerassisted an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with a Breathalyzer test. The person tested below the limit, but was only 18 years old.

• March 5: An officerreceived a report of man rummaging through trash. The man, who had no warrants for his arrest, was told to stop.


• Feb. 25: Police stopped a driver on Lancaster Street at Cherry Alley and issued a warning for excessive speed.

• Feb. 26: Police told the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeabout an anonymous tip to the wherabouts of David Welch who had fledfrom Millersport Police the prior week. Deputies located him at 12880 Lancaster St. where he was arrested and taken to jail. Welch had 11 warrants for his arrest, ranging from theft and obstruction of justice to assault of a police officer.Jade McKittirk was also arrested at the same and charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly concealing the location of Welch.

• Feb. 29: Police checked out a suspicious person in the parking lot at 12880 Lancaster St. The person had a warrant out of Stark County, but was not arrested because it was out of Stark County's pickup radius. Police also warned another person there to stop his loud obnoxious behavior or be arrested. The person calmed down and went back into his apartment.

• Feb. 29: Police stopped a driver suspected of throwing trash into the canal from the church parking lot on Deep Cut Road. The suspect was warned and no trash was found.

• March 1: The owner of the apartment at 1228 Lancaster Street told police someone slashed her tires in the parking lot. She had no suspects or witnesses, but believes a resident there is responsible.

• March 2: Police made a traffic stop on Lancaster Street and Lynn Avenue and issued a warning for excessive speed.

• March 2: Police stopped a subject on a small unlicensed motorcycle on Refugee Streets. Suspect was warned that if the cycle was operated on the streets of Millersport again, it would be impounded and the driver would be issued several citations. The subject was also advised that the same would apply to all unlicensed and uninsured motor vehicles such as mopeds, golf carts, four-wheelers and motorcycles that violate the village ordinance.

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