2008-03-01 / Editorials & Letters

Another response to Bill Harper


To Bill Harper: Whatever Bonnie might have said did not stop you from writing. I, for one, am tired of your gutless remarks in the Beacon. Everyone and anyone who knows me realizes Bonnie and I are friends, but those same people know I have nothing to do with what she writes.

Bonnie is her own person. Everyone also knows I don't need anyone to speak on my behalf. You should be very careful with accusing someone of a hate crime especially when the truth has nothing to do with hate. If I'm one of the associates you continue to refer to, have the GUTS to write my name!

As far as my opinion on unincorporating the village: I have never concealed the fact that if the citizens did not take their village back (from the people who were running things up to the November 2007 election) and allow the new mayor and council to do their job right, I would help carry the petition to go back to the township.

As far as your comment of relinquishing control, voters were very clear when they went to the polls in November. They had enough of, as Bonnie would say, the "GOOD OLE BOYS!" But what good did that do them when some of the same underhanded tactics were used by some of the same GOOD OLE BOYS!

If your memory will serve you right, I sent you, the mayor, the clerk and all the people I worked with on council (who I battled with over what was best for all the people of Kirkersville) a card expressing my apologies if I ever offended any of you along with a blessing. I continue to say a sincere prayer for each of you every day. But along with that, if the truth offends you, then don't read Bonnie's letters. Debi Seymour Kirkersville

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