2008-02-23 / Editorials & Letters

Writer questions whether Cookston has a heart


I just found out through the newspaper that my parents' land was bought out from under them. My mom was so upset and was afraid to tell her kids that she just lost the land and maybe the home we grew up in. She was purchasing the land this year. We were going to fixup the house for my daughter to live while she was going to go to college so she could feel independent.

Karen Cookston didn't just take way our land; she also took our dream of finally owning the property under our childhood home. I was so excited to know my daughter would own the home I grew up in. It would be the home and land in which her family would someday grow up in.

When we called about buying the land we were told that the option was still there. We even gave them a date that we would be there to purchase the property. Why wouldn't they contact us and let us know that someone else was trying to buy it so we would have the option of buying it first?

I just want to say Karen Cookston must not have a heart. Isn't it enough that she already owns so much? Why take away land from families that really need it. We have lived in that home since 1978. Tell me, Karen, that his land means more to you than us and I will shut up. Athena Graham Buckeye Lake

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