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Watchdog' provides proof


Mr. Harper, I repeat, I don't recall ever having told ANYONE they don't have the right to speak! However, your motivation is obvious to me and I will repeat this: you had something to gain by convincing residents that they needed to pass the operating levy which paid your $30 per hour job that you helped create for yourself WHILE YOU WERE A COUNCIL MEMBER!

And, yes, I accept your challenge "to provide valid written evidence of this accusation" which, as you will see is NOT libelous since it is FACT.

Here is a direct quote from the August 4, 2004 council minutes: "Mr. Harper ask council to consider him as a computer support person on a as needed basis. Ms. Kenney to research the request." To save you the trouble of looking this up for yourself, I have received a CERTIFIED copy of this document and have scanned it to my website (kirkersvillewatchdog.com) where it can be viewed by clicking on the August 4, 2004 council minutes link.

On September 1, 2004, Mr. Harper then announced that he would be resigning effective October 1, 2004. At the October 6, 2004 council meeting, Ordinance #04- 049 ""AUTHORIZING EXECUTION OF A CONTRACT WITH GEORGE WILLIAM HARPER FOR COMPUTER TECHNICAL SERVICES" was presented and received the first reading. This allows Bill Harper to receive $30 PER HOUR! Although this ordinance was passed November 3, 2004, section three reads "this ordinance is designated as an emergency measure, necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, and for the further reason that this ordinance is required for the proper continuity of government." I believe NOTHING about this ordinance was proper. It was an act of selfishness on the part of Bill Harper and a blatant disregard for the public by the GOB's.'

In addition to helping create a paid position for himself, Bill Harper was also a part of an administration of GOB's who repealed ordinances that created checks and balances for spending public money.

When you, Mr. Harper, signed your letter "Computer Jerk," I believed you were signing to remind everyone of your employee status with the village. But now you claim that you signed it to remind everyone of my hatred for anyone who disagrees with me.

As far as your accusation that I desire the "un-incorporation of the village and the relinquishing of control and decisions for the residents to Harrison Township," I would LOVE to see the citizens of Kirkersville take back their village. But the village would be better off dissolved if the reign of self-interested public officials continues.

You have mistaken my freedom to share the antics of the GOB's with hatred and you couldn't be more wrong. AND, Mr. Harper, you imply that I have committed a "hate crime."' What a gutless accusation! I hate no one! You, however, may hate that I share my feelings and the truth about the GOB's, but it certainly is no crime! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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