2008-02-16 / Editorials & Letters

Mooney responds to criticism


I have had the misfortune to be beset by a local literary redneck making a series of wildly distorted claims. Based on the malicious nature of the letter, I realize that I'm being personally attacked by some clown that I've never even heard of.

Rather than get his info from county websites as he claims, it's clear that Thomas has a pipeline deep into the darkest recesses of the bunker in the Town Hall basement and probably from Hochradel himself, the introverted little squirmy guy who has used almost identical language. Why else would Thomas, a clown I've never heard of, loose his tirade?

When I first read the letter from Thomas, I realized he had his own problems and murky incentives. I pondered whether I should walk down a dark alley at night. But this guy is too twisted to be ignored. However, the Beacon can't give me space enough to address most of his concerns.

I have lived on Summers Choice for the last 56 years. No one in the Village has more total knowledge of its history and usage than I. How can a clown living on a back street in Basil, and more than a mile away, know more about traffic on Summers Choice than I. The best I can tell,

was living on this street and paying taxes on the day that Thomas was born. The clown then asks the question of whether I have made some sort of traffic survey. Of course I haven't and only a maniac would ask. Thomas claims Main and Market runs more traffic than Summers Choice. Now the question arises. Where is Thomas's study and proof?

I don't have the slightest interest in Thomas's position on the air raid siren. Studies have shown that one's chances of getting taken out by a tornado is about the same as being struck by lightning. So, to take the proper precautions against a lightning strike, we can surely see Thomas walking down Liberty with a lightning rod sticking out of his hat.

If you don't know Kalish and his worthlessness as a leader, then you are simply too ignorant to be giving your half-baked opinions about the Village of which you clearly know little about.

One of Hochradel's and Thomas's favorite rants is how I will surely benefit financially in case East Elmwood were to be extended to Holder. Both Thomas and Hochradel have to be told the same thing numerous times before it soaks in. The property owners adjoining East Elmwood - Dave Mooney, Roger Woods, Bob Williams and the Gorsuch outfit - have repeatedly advised that they have no development plans, now or in the forseeable future, if this street were opened to traffic. Consequently, not one single dime is to be made if this street were opened.

At this point I must make an important distinction. In my previous letters to the Editor, I have limited my criticism to the structure and administration of my village government for which, as a taxpayer, I have a perfect right to do. Conversely, the clown who calls himself Andy Thomas, has taken it upon himself to attack me personally. He has been malicious, unprincipled and a liar. I have a right to defend myself from this guy, whoever he is.

However, I will never again make a written response to a guy like Thomas. I will simply not sink to his level. His purpose is clearly to serve as a mouth-piece for the Village Council. It's true that these clowns over in the bunker need all the help they can get, but Thomas isn't the answer. This guy simply doesn't have the principle or credibility to speak for anyone.

In closing, Thomas makes the remark that I should "move out of Baltimore." This moth-eaten term is as old as the human race and exhibits the true dirt-level quality of the oracle over on Liberty or wherever he pitches his tent.

inform this brass gutted clown that, since 1937, I was living in Baltimore, owning property, and paying taxes on that dark night when he piled off the back of the Georgia turnip truck looking for the Baltimore corporation limits.

I believe that most fair-minded people will give me the right to defend myself against the unjustified attacks made against my character by Andy Thomas. Thomas has sunk below the level of throwing mud - he is throwing raw sewage. Dave Mooney Baltimore

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