2008-02-16 / Editorials & Letters

LU-T bond levy is a oncein a-lifetime opportunity


It is not very often that a community gets an opportunity like residents of the Liberty Union School District will have on March 4th. In fact, I don't think it's much of a stretch to call this a once in a lifetime opportunity. LU-T voters will be asked to vote on a 2.8 mil bond levy (Issue 7) this year.

If we pass Issue 7, the State of Ohio will finally kick in 17.2 million dollars to build a beautiful new middle school, renovate and update the existing high school, and complete a much needed maintenance shop/secure bus area. And to make the deal even sweeter, our school board has managed our tax dollars so well that the district will be retiring the existing 1.59 mil bond passed in 1985 early. That means that only 1.21 mils will be added in order to get our 17.2 million dollars. As if all that wasn't enough, senior citizens are now eligible for the homestead exemption that will make their share even lower!

These circumstances will never align so perfectly again which is why I urge all residents of the Liberty Union-Thurston Local School District to vote YES on Issue 7. Kyle Joseph Farmer Baltimore

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