2008-02-16 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says 'watchdog' wants Kirkersville to unincorporate


How convenient Bonnie Mansfield's"amnesia" must be! She responded to letters written by me to this very publication by saying that since I no longer resided in Kirkersville, I should keep my opinions to myself. Look back through her portfolio of letters and refresh your memory. This occurred long before any levy issues.

She again referred to the computer position that I helped create for myself. I challenge her, here and now, to provide valid written evidence of this, or hereafter cease making this slanderous allegation. My belief in the accuracy of the definitions which I chose to describe her personality is reinforced with each utterance spewed from her mouth or pen.

As to her associates; Ms. Mansfieldand they know exactly who they are. Most people with a little common sense could probably identify them easily as well. I think and write for myself. She should give it a try sometime.

Lastly, Ms. Mansfield: the reason I signed my last letter "Computer Jerk" was to remind the people of your venomous poison and hatred of any and all who dare to disagree with you. If anyone has any doubts of your agenda, let me clarify it for them. You and your associates desire the un-incorporation of the Village of Kirkersville, and the relinquishing of control and decisions for the residents to Harrison Township.

Ms. Mansfield,it is time for you to be held accountable for your actions. The First Amendment does not protect you from being charged with hate crimes. Bill Harper Pataskala

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