2008-02-16 / Editorials & Letters

Writer wants to keep her money in her pocket


Let's see - Baltimore schools are asking for another levy over 20 or more years. Wake up people of Baltimore; we already pay too much in taxes! The players in Baltimore are not going to be happy until they have every spare dollar in my pocketbook. I smell a sly fox in my wallet as well as your's.

All you need to do is listen to the evening news or read the newspaper to figure out that consumer prices are rising while the value of a dollar keeps falling. The price of gas to heat your home does not go down. Let's not forget what you pay at the gasoline pump. The electricity you use in your home will be deregulated next January. This means the price of your electricity is going way up.

I hear the price of Medicare is going up for the elderly. Has anyone figured out the cost they are spending per item in the grocery stores. A gallon milk and a dozen of eggs cost more than $5.

I'm voting a big NO on the Baltimore school levy. Guess what, I'm not afraid to speak my mind anymore. Let's not forget the tax assessor who comes around every three year to reappraise your property for more tax.

Here's hoping you VOTE NO on the Liberty Union Schools tax levy and keep the money in your own pocket. Peggy Bess Baltimore

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