2008-02-16 / Editorials & Letters

Thanks for brightening Jake's Christmas with snowflakes


We want to thank everyone who helped create a winter wonderland for Jake. Thank you all for taking time to help us make this time of recovery more fun for Jake.

Jake has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. But he always wears a sweet smile and has taught us how wonderful and beautiful the little things really are. Last March Jake had orthopedic surgery and his recovery has been slow, requiring complete bed rest and extensive physical therapy. He has come a long way and we expect him to be able to go back to his normal activities by May.

Jake loves to swim, ride horses and just be around people who know how to enjoy life. We noticed in November that it was getting harder to get him to smile, which is not like him. We came up with the idea to decorate his room like the movie Elf. I then realized that it would take me forever to do it myself, so I asked a few people for help. I never in my wildest dreams expected so many people to respond.

We have received over a thousand snowflakesand cards, letters, snow globes, ornaments and gifts. Jake is the oldest of fivechildren: Jake 19, Robby 9, Rick 7, Selah 5 and Faith 20 months.

I really don't think everyone knows what you all did for my family. The last year has been hard for all the kids and we have been doing our best to make things fun for them. When the letters and boxes started to arrive, it brought all of us together. We spent most of our evenings in Jake's room reading letters and putting up snowflakes.We have decided to keep them up until Jake is able to go back to normal life. We are going to make a scrapbook so we can always remember the love and support we received Christmas 2007.

Thank you all so much for helping Jake findhis beautiful smile and giving him something fun to do while he recovers. Dave, Sarah, Jake, Robby, Rick, Selah and Faith Brink Licking Township

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