2008-02-09 / Editorials & Letters

Jesse gets to go home


Here's a quick update on Jesse Loudermilk. He got home Saturday (February 2) and made it upstairs to his apartment. He seemed very happy to be back home even though it took a lot out of him to travel and climb those stairs! Every day there is a remarkable improvement and before long Jesse will be his old self, Praise the Lord. His work place, the Cottage/Gulfshore Restaurant had a huge 12 hour benefit for him Tuesday (February 5). We are all overwhelmed with the support that his friends and family and strangers have given to him. Again thanks so much to everyone for their support and prayers.

Rose & Jim Loudermilk

Ft. Myers Beach/West Bank

Editor's Note: We ran out of space for Letters this week. Letters from Will Kern, John McKinney, Dave Mooney and Jim Reed will be printed next week. Please remember the final deadline for 250-word or less letters about the March 4 election is Tuesday, Feb. 19.

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