2008-02-09 / Editorials & Letters

Some more Letters: Liberty Union bond issue is called a great deal


The bond levy that Liberty Union Thurston School District voters will be deciding on March 4 is a VERY GOOD DEAL. It might seem like it is not, because we voted on it once. But the state didn't give us the portion that they promised which we will now receive.

The bond receipts and the state money will pay for a new 65,000 sq. ft. middle school with a 7,000 sq. ft. gym that will be the same size as the elementary school (cost $12.4 million); high school renovation including the 1936 auditorium (cost $9.9 million as determined by our own independent engineering study which is less than the Ohio School Facilities Commission estimate); and a secure bus area, maintenance shop and district office($1 million).

Liberty Union Thurston will also be the first district in the area to Go Green (LEED Silver rating). LEED schools have better lighting, temperature control, ventilation and air quality. This energy efficiency saves us money.

It is now our TURN. We have to take action NOW to get 60 cents from the state for every dollar we spend and to avoid additional increases due to inflation.

For a home with a $100,000 market value, the cost will be $7.15 per month before January 2009. Senior citizens will pay $5.36 a month. When the 1.59 mills for the high school comes off in January 2009, the cost will be $3.53 a month with seniors paying even less. The maintenance fund equalization program will bring more state money to the district, estimated at $20,000 a year for 23 years for maintenance of buildings.

Rose Cocanour Baltimore

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