2008-02-02 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Dec. 13: Police at 2:21 a.m. found an open garage with a light on at a East Market Street home.

• Dec. 15: Police were called about a motorist leaving the Marathon station without paying for gas.

• Dec. 15: Police checked out a 9-1-1 hang-up call from a West Market Street home. The house appeared to be empty.

• Dec. 16: Police were called to the PT Beverage Station on a report of a refusal to return a child to a custodial parent. The child was returned.

• Dec. 16: Police were called to Barclay Manor about an ongoing complaint about loud music.

• Dec. 16: Police took a report after a Fairview Avenue resident reported damage to her front door after returning home after several days. The door was still locked and nothing was missing from her home.

• Dec. 16: An East Market Street apartment resident complained about telephone threats from an ex-boyfriend.

• Dec. 17: Police took a report on a non-injury, two vehicle crash on Washington Street.

• Dec. 19: A South Park Drive resident called about hearing gun shots behind his house. He asked police to check the area. Police didn't hear or findanything.

• Dec. 21: Police were called about loud music at a Fairview Avenue apartment.

• Dec. 21: Police advised both parties after receiving a report of trouble between neighbors at a Fairview Avenue apartment building.

• Dec. 24: Police responded to an alarm drop at the Peoples National Bank. The building checked secure.

• Dec. 24: A North Basil Street resident called about a man walking around the home and looking in the windows. Police checked the area and spoke to the caller.

• Dec. 25: A Fairview Avenue resident requested extra patrols afer reporting someone entering vehicles in the area and unscrewing battery cables.

• Dec. 27: A North Company Street resident called about hunters shooting from the railroad tracks. Police didn't findany hunters along the tracks.

• Dec. 27: Police got another call about an hour later about a hunter returning to an alley near Company Street. Police were unable to locate anyone.

• Dec. 27: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle at Baltimore Hometown Classic. Entry was gained.

• Dec. 27: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle at Baltimore IGA Express. Entry was gained.

• Dec. 27: Police took a report about threats at a Fairview Avenue apartment.

• Dec. 27: Police were called about loud music at a Fairview Avenue apartment.

• Dec. 29: Police responded to a report of an open door at the high school. Police found that the latch had been taped to keep the door from locking. Nothing appeared to be missing or damaged.

• Dec. 29: A West Market resident told police that he had been locked out of the house for about three hours. He was told that police don't do residential lockouts. The caller asked police to stop by so he could use their phone since he is out of cell phone minutes. Police stopped by and he made arrangements to get a key from another keyholder.

• Dec. 29: Police advised a hunter who was hunting in the woods behind a North Company Street home.

• Dec. 30: Police were called about a pickup truck that was stuck on a storm drain at an apartment complex on Vivian Lane.

• Dec. 31: Police responded to an alarm drop at the Village Pharmacy. Police found the front door forced open.

• Dec. 31: Police were called about loud music at a Fairview Avenue apartment.

• Dec. 31: Police assisted a disabled vehicle at Main and Market streets.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 24: Assisted a Perry County sheriff's deputy, who was administering a BAC test to a possible drunk driver.

• Jan. 25: A Rosebraugh Circle man told police he believed his ex-wife was using his identificationto make purchases without his permission.

• Jan. 25: A man requested a police escort to his former residence where he needed to retrieve some clothes.

• Jan. 25: A Walnut Road man reported someone removed a cartowing dolly from his property without permission.

• Jan. 25: A Walnut Road woman reported that someone punctured a tire on her vehicle. She assumed it was her soon to be ex-husband.

• Jan. 25: A Yellow Cab Company driver picked up an intoxicated man whom the driver suspected lived in Buckeye Lake. The man actually lived in Heath and the cabbie took him home.

• Jan. 25: A West 7th Street man said he was receiving threats, although a Buckeye Lake officerdoubted his claim.

• Jan. 26: An officerrecovered an injured hawk along West 5th Street. The bird was sent to local animal rescue services.

• Jan. 27: A Lewisville man said he was having a hard time reaching his mother, who lives in Buckeye Lake. She was contacted and everything was fine.

• Jan. 27: An officerreceived a report of loud music at a Walnut Road residence. The resident agreed to turn the music down.

• Jan. 27: There was an alarm drop at a Walnut Road residence. Everything was secure.

• Jan. 27: An officersaw a man crouched next to the front door of the Little Duke store. He was an employee who was having difficultysecuring the lock. The store alarm was accidentally triggered in the process.

• Jan. 27: An officerheard a door close at the Lee's Chicken store next to the police station after hours. The officerdiscovered a shift manager, who was passing by the store, saw a light was left on and entered the building to turn it off.

• Jan. 28: A Wisconsin trucker reported someone stole nearly 400 gallons of fuel from his truck while it was parked at Buckeye Lake.

• Jan. 28: A North Bank Road man reported that someone stole trim from his car.

• Jan. 28: A Buckeye Lake woman, who was arguing with someone in a Buckeye Lake residence, was advised to stop causing problems and go somewhere else. She agreed to go to her brother-inlaw's house.

• Jan. 28: A suspicious person was reported near the Buckeye Lake Post Office.No one was there when an officerarrived.

• Jan. 28: There was a report of shots fired on Central Avenue. No guns were found at the scene.

• Jan. 30: Police responded to an alarm at the Dirt Works on Hebron Road. It was a false alarm.

• Jan. 30: A Walnut Road woman reported that high winds knocked over a storage shed, which fell on her car.

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