2008-02-02 / Editorials & Letters

One more Letter: Good news on the future of the Buckeye Lake library


There's good news! The Buckeye Lake branch of the Newark Public Library will continue to provide services to our community for at least another two years. What began as a two-year "trial" has been so successful that the Newark Public Library recently signed an agreement to continue our library as one of their branches.

And, if you're curious about just how successful we are, we can tell you that there are now almost 600 Buckeye Lake card holders and that each month about 1,800 library items are borrowed. Also, our talented library staff hold many special events for young children, teens and adults. There is truly something for everybody.

However, in keeping with that old saying, "There's good news and there's bad news", we need to tell you that although the Newark Public Library will provide books, tapes, materials, computers and professional staff, they will not pay for any of the operating costs (building maintenance, utilities, cleaning, insurance, etc.) and that's where some help from the community is needed. A nonprofit group called "Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library" works to raise money to pay for the operating costs.

One of our primary fundraisers is our annual membership drive. You can join by using the nearby membership form. Lots of people have become a Friend of the Library and we hope that you will join them. Please just complete the form and mail it in so that we can keep our library open for all of us to enjoy.

Pam Reed, President

Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library

P. S. If you haven't visited our library, please stop in. It's a great resource for our community.

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