2008-02-02 / Editorials & Letters

Jesse's surgery went well


Here's the latest news on Jesse Loudermilk. On Thursday, January 24, Jesse had a very serious seven hour double surgery to remove a malignant tumor on his back. This tumor is called a Plasmocytoma tumor which had totally destroyed his lower 5th lumbar vertebra. This vertebra was removed and replaced with a synthetic vertebra. The surgeons cut him open in his stomach to remove the vertebra and then they turned him over and cut him at the back to put rods and pins up his 4 lumbar vertebra and into his hip bone to connect his spine.

He lost huge amounts of blood (6 quarts) and they replaced it with 10 units of blood, 3 units of plasma and freeze something and 13000cc of other fluid. Even with all that, Jesse's surgery was a success with the surgeons expressing great happiness with how it went. They do not expect any nerve damage. However, Jesse had four very rough days in Intensive Care. He wasn't allowed to move and his pain was extreme, even with all the medication. He also had to have two more units of blood. Finally, they got his medications fixed to where is pain was more manageable. We could see a remarkable difference. He was able to move out of ICU late Monday night. He's now in a regular bed and getting some physical therapy. Hopefully, we'll get to take him home by the weekend.

It will take another eight weeks or so for his spine to heal. Then he will start six weeks of intensive back radiation. Later he will be referred to Moffett Cancer Center in Tampa.

Hopefully Jesse will be home by the time most of you are reading this. If you would like to send him cards, please send them to his home address: Jesse Loudermilk, 116 Gulfview Ave., Ft. Myers Beach, FL33931. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Rose & Jim Loudermilk Ft. Myers Beach/West Bank

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