2008-01-26 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports. We'll have more room next week.


• Nov. 29: Police took a report about a theft at an Oak Street room the previous evening. The complainant believes TV installers are responsible.

• Nov. 29: Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute on North Main Street.

• Nov. 29: Police were unable to locate a raccoon that was hit on West Market Street and wobbled off the roadway near the town hall.

• Nov. 29: Police assisted two separate motorists locked out of vehicles on Fairview Avenue and Oak Street. Entry was gained.

• Nov. 29: Police checked out a report of a vehicle blocking a stop sign on West Monroe Street. There was no vehicle there when police arrived.

• Nov. 29: Police took a report on the theft of a 2000 Chrysler 300 from a Railroad Street address.

• Nov. 30: A Railroad Street woman told police that her soonto be ex-husband took a car that they share that also contains an oxygen device that she needs to use outside her home or if the power goes off at her home.

• Nov. 30: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle on Holder Road. Entry was gained.

• Nov. 30: Police were asked to standby while a man retrieved items from a former residence.

• Nov. 30: Police checked out a loud music complaint at a Fairview Avenue apartment. They didn't hear any loud music.

• Dec. 1: Police found an open door at the Christ United Methodist Church at 3:23 a.m. Building checked secure.

• Dec. 2: Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a North Main Street address. The parties were advised.

• Dec. 2: POlice checked out a 9-1-1 hang-up call from a West Market Street residence. No one was home.

• Dec. 3: An East Huntwork Street resident reported a threat from the father of her child. Police warned him.

• Dec. 4: Police checked out a report of two men selling meat door-to-door on South High Street. They left before police arrived.

• Dec. 4: Police were asked to standby at closing after a suspicious call was received at Domino's Pizza.

• Dec. 6: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a running vehicle with a two-year-old inside on Tremont Drive. Entry was gained.

• Dec. 6: Police were called to the Dollar General store about an intoxicated customer. Police took him to his Walnut Creek apartment.

• Dec. 7: Police arrested a person wanted on a warrant at Body Bronze.

• Dec. 7: Police took a phone report on a theft at a Yencer Street address.

• Dec. 8: Police responded to a two vehicle injury accident on West Market Street.

• Dec. 8: Police took a report on a two vehicle non-injury accident on West Market Street.

• Dec. 8: Police took a report about threats.

• Dec. 9: Police were called about a party on Washington Street with some underage drinking. The party was broken up.

• Dec. 11: Police took a report about an attempted break-in at a South Main Street home. Entry was attempted through a back door.

• Dec. 11: Police were called about a vehicle on Vivian Lane with the doors open and no one around. Police didn't get an answer when they called the owner. When police checked the area about 45 minutes later, the vehicle was gone.

• Dec. 11: Police were called about an argument between two male parents in the back parking lot at Liberty Union High School.

• Dec. 12: Police responded to an alarm drop at a West Market Street home. It checked secure.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 17: An officerwas dispatched to a property on the Ohio 79 curve near the North Shore Boat Ramp entrance, where a Pataskala man drove his SUV into a house. The driver was standing outside of his vehicle when the officerarrived. When asked what happened, the man said he couldn't make the curve. He tested over twice the legal limit for alcohol. He was charged with OVI, failure to control, and driving under suspension. Someone rented the damaged house the day before, but hadn't moved in yet.

• Jan. 18: A Walnut Road woman reported that her children's grandfather co-signed with her on a car loan. She hadn't been making the payments, so the grandfather, who lives in Missouri, was paying. The grandfather arrived from Missouri, took the car and drove it home. She was wondering what could be done to get the car back.

• Jan. 18: A village employee found fivebags of trash dumped on Mill Dam Road. The name of the person who dumped the bags was in the trash. He was charged with littering.

• Jan. 18: An Indianapolis woman called police, saying her Buckeye Lake son called her, threatening to overdose on pills. The son was contacted and admitted he made the call to his mother. He agreed to go to Licking Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

• Jan. 18: A West 1st Street woman said her son was involved in an altercation with two juvenile females. The situation was resolved.

• Jan. 20: A Super 8 Motel employee reported a man paid for a room, then started to cause problems. He was refunded his money and asked to leave.

• Jan. 20: A Mill Dam Road man said someone stole copper piping from one of his properties.

• Jan. 20: A Thornville man reported his cell phone missing.

• Jan. 22: A false alarm was reported at the Dollar General store.


• Dec. 3: Police were called about the theft of a TV from Kroger's. An employee saw a man taking the set out in a cart. When he asked the man to stop, he ignored him. A license number for a vehicle was provided to police. The registered owner of that vehicle was identified by a witness. Charges are pending for three Newark residents.

• Dec. 4: Police on patrol at 6:09 a.m. checked out a van at the Cumberland Meadows subdivision. A subcontractor was starting work early.

• Dec. 5: Police took a report on a crash between two vehicles at Harry & David's.

• Dec. 5: Police took a report on a crash between two vehicles at East Main Street and Arrowhead Boulevard.

• Dec. 5: Police checked out a report of juveniles playing on semi-trailers at Schwebel's Bakery. Police found two young juveniles walking near the bakery. They were taken home to their Hebron Road trailer park. Their grandfather was advised.

• Dec. 5: A Newark landlord complained that tenants that had been evicted from a North High Street apartment had taken the bathroom sink when they left and had damaged the refrigerator and furnace.

• Dec. 5: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff's Officewith a search for a runaway by checking a friend's home in Hebron. The runaway wasn't there.

• Dec. 6: The Lakewood resource officer asked police to check a Lakewood Drive apartment for two truant students. The students weren't there.

• Dec. 6: The manager of a Broadway apartment complex reported that a threaatening letter had been placed on the door of a new tenant. The tenant wasn't concerned about it.

• Dec. 6: Police checked out a tip on the location of a runaway. The juvenile was there, but another juvenile wanted on a warrant for burglary was there. He was arrested and turned over to a county juvenile officer.

• Dec. 6: Police were called about a juvenile hiding under a table in the laundry room at a Lakewood Drive apartment complex. The juvenile was wanted on a warrant for delinquency and was arrested. Police turned him over to a Licking County Sheriff's Officedeputy.

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