2008-01-26 / Editorials & Letters

Schaffer endorses Smalley for reelection as Clerk of Courts


I am writing to express my support and endorsement of Deborah Smalley for re-election to the officeof FairfieldCounty Clerk of Courts.

As Clerk of Courts, Deborah Smalley has served our county with the highest ethical standards. With her expertise and management abilities, the judicial system and the citizens of FairfieldCounty have greatly benefitedfrom her leadership.

The three officesthat Deborah manages have gained respect from the entire state as model officesto emulate within the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association. It is no small task to balance the legal department and the title offices.It takes a special person with exceptional management skills, which Deborah demonstrates.

I ask you to join me and vote for Deborah Smalley, FairfieldCounty's Clerk of Courts, on March 4, 2008.

State Senator Tim Schaffer


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