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Another Letter: 'Watchdog' asks council members to cut puppet strings


Doot, doot, doot, do, do, do, do, doot, do, duh…Wait…that's circus music. I'm not sure what puppet show music sounds like. But…ATTENTION KIRKERSVILLE CITIZENS: Please mark your calendars for a puppet show FEBRUARY 6th. Attend the council meeting at 7 PM and watch how the vote goes for WATER FOR KIRKERSVILLE!!! Watch and see if Puppeteer/Council Member Evans still has control over Council Members Brian Denton, Rosemary Frischen and Jamie Cloud.

At the December 5th council meeting, in front of several people, Mike Cloud resigned as Zoning Chairman and Street Commissioner! However, something as important as this was omitted from the minutes that were created by Clerk Johnny (Bob) Adkins. Maybe he needs a $20+ per hour helper to create the minutes for him! Or, better yet, turn that tape recorder on!

A fireboard member verified that newly elected Mayor Ashcraft excused himself from voting on business and awaited a legal opinion after discussion about whether a member of the legislative body must sit on the board. A mayor is not a legislative member. He was accused of being unethical by, of all people, Bennie Evans. According to the minutes, Evans identified himself as former Mayor and said this isn't just about the legislative body, it's about ethics. (Bennie Evans is known as '"Jim" Evans-Rehab Inspector at the Licking County Planning Commission... inspecting jobs done by his son-in-law and daughter's construction business, All Construction. All Construction's business address was Evans' home address. A recent job done by Evans' son-in-law and inspected and approved by Evans had to be re-done and cost the TAXPAYERS almost $4,000.) Too bad Village Solicitor Debbie Kenney didn't give Mayor Ashcraft legal counsel when he put himself on the board. But maybe she has to "research" the issue. I wonder how much that will cost the village?!

Also in the fireboard meeting, I am told that Evans commented that he was the president pro tempore of Council and had MORE POWER THAN THE MAYOR! I don't believe any of the puppets attended this fireboard meeting and probably aren't aware that this comment was made. So, to any GOB that wants off my list of puppets, remove Evans' hand from your back and do the right thing - the ETHICAL thing!

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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