2008-01-26 / Editorials & Letters

Wells said tree should have been addressed months ago


At the Jan. 14 Buckeye Lake Council meeting, Mayor Foster defended the decision to spend tax dollars to cut down a private tree. He said it was a very appropriate decision because it protected the public. Foster also said that once they become aware of such a danger, the village must act or else be liable. He also said, "We're being criticized for a whopping $125."

Foster completely missed or conveniently ignored the point of my complaint: Why didn't the mayor act MONTHS AGO when the tree first became a threat?

He even said at the meeting that he took his chain saw and helped the street department cut up the limb that fell across the road four months ago. His statement makes it clear that he was aware when the tree first became a threat.

A simple phone call or letter to the property owner (four months ago) would have been appropriate. The Myer/Eikenberry family may have been happy to take care of the tree if only they were informed.

We've all been waiting to see that tree dropped since the large limb hit the road. It was an OBVIOUS threat!

If the mayor had done his job in a timely fashion, the police chief and the council president wouldn't have had to spend tax dollars while he was off on vacation.

About that "whopping $125"…it seems he doesn't think $125 is much to complain about? What if we asked him to hand over $125 from HIS pocket? If politicians can't be responsible with small projects, how can we trust them with larger projects? If they don't think anything about wasting $125, can we trust them with $125,000?

By the way, it's not going to cost us just $125. The tree was cut down but is still laying in the ditch on both sides of the road. Even if someone comes along and cuts it up for firewood, our street department still has to clean up the mess so it won't damage their mowers. And who do you suppose pays for this? Bingo … more tax dollars.

The other damaged tree at the bus turn-around on the old Bounds farm is another dangerous threat. The mayor said he contacted the property owner. Hopefully, he won't wait another four months or waste any more tax dollars on private trees. We don't have the money to take care of private trees.

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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