2008-01-26 / Editorials & Letters

Acord thanks voters for six terms as trustee


I want to thank Licking Township voters for supporting me for the last 24 years as your trustee. I enjoyed my job and did it well. Maybe I didn't meet everyone's expectations, but I always had the taxpayers best interests at heart. I worked hard to stay within the budget and to keep from having to put a road or bridge levy on the ballot. I'm proud to say during my 24 years we never had to do that.

I didn't run my campaigns on promises. I don't believe in making promises that can not be kept. I gave honest advice to any residents that called me at home or on my cell phone. If you have to run a campaign on promises, then you shouldn't run for that officebecause there isn't enough money to promise taxpayers everything they want. It's important to keep the township's budget in mind when running for trustee.

I wasn't upset about getting beat this year because nobody knows what's going to happen on election day. I was upset that my opponent was invited to the Harbor Hills Civic Association meetings to speak when I didn't know anything about it until a resident called me to ask why I wasn't there to defend myself. I was told I got that resident's vote anyway. Thank you Harbor Hills for the 500 and some votes. I only lost by six votes in Harbor Hills, so the residents must have thought I was doing something right for those 24 years.

I wasn't opposed to hiring another employee for the township. What I was against was not having enough work for two full-time employees. In the summer, I was out helping to move because our guys wanted to follow one another instead of one going one way and the other going another way to get our 43 miles covered. I also went out and plowed snow on weekends to save taxpayers' money. Last year I was the only one out plowing on weekends. One of the other trustees always helped until last year and he had other things planned and wasn't able to be out like I was. I always tried to save the township money for a rainy day. That was my goal as trustee.

There shouldn't have been a safety issue with one employee going one way and the other employee going another way instead of riding together all the time. We have two-way radios on all equipment plus cell phones. There are also CB radios on the equipment now. I ask what is so unsafe about employees going off in different directions. If I got one phone call about employees being together all the time, I must have got fivemillion phone calls over my 24 years of service.

I am glad I had the pleasure of working with Phil Linn for most of my years as trustee. He taught me a lot about the roads and other things.

Thanks again Licking Township residents for supporting me those 24 years. Maybe I will try again in two years.

Ron Acord Licking Township

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