2008-01-19 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Nov. 16: Police were called about a 13-year-old girl who left her home, stating she was running away. Police found her about 15 minutes later on Company Street. She was returned to her foster mother.

• Nov. 16: Police were called about a domestic dispute at a Fairview Avenue apartment. Police found that the couple was intoxicated. Parents were enroute to pick them up.

• Nov. 17: An employee at Sis & Harold's Pizza reported that someone tried to open a rear window while they were closing. They wanted police to check the area before they left. Police didn't findanyone in the area.

• Nov. 17: Police checked Alt Park following a report of two individuals going into the park with guns. Police didn't findanyone in the park.

• Nov. 17: Police took a report of larceny at a Holder Road home.

• Nov. 18: Police received a report at 7:30 p.m. of an armed robbery at Domino's Pizza on North Main Street. A clerk reported that a male wearing a ski mask entered the store and showed a gun. The clerk was forced to open the safe and the man escaped with an undetermined amount of cash. The caller first reported the man left going south on foot, but later said he ran north on Main Street. A black Jeep Cherokee was identified as a possible suspect vehicle. A FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeunit stopped a vehicle matching the description on Market Street. A Baltimore officerassisted with the stop and conducted a consent search of the vehicle. Police cleared the vehicle of any involvement. A total of four deputies responded along with the Baltimore officerand the Baltimore chief.

• Nov. 19: Police assisted a driver locked out of a vehicle in the student parking lot at the high school. Entry was gained.

• Nov. 20: A West Market Street resident reported hearing a female screaming and yelling curse words at a two-year-old juvenile. Police checked on the well being of the juvenile. The child was fine.

• Nov. 20: Police were called about a 13-year-old girl who allegedly tried to burn down the complainant's home with a kitchen fire. Police took a report.

• Nov. 21: Police responded to a holdup alarm drop at the FairfieldNational Bank. Police learned it was an alarm check.

• Nov. 22: Police were called at 2:03 a.m. about a suspicious person on Tremont Drive. The complainant said a male was leaning against a telephone phone and watching her house. He left when lights were turned on. Police checked the area, but didn't findanyone.

• Nov. 22: Police checked out a report of a suspicious vehicle at Baltimore IGA Express. The vehicle had left the area.

• Nov. 23: Police were called at 5:03 a.m. about subjects in a tree behind a North Liberty Street home that appeared to be poaching. The caller said they had infrared equipment. Police didn't findanyone in the area.

• Nov. 23: Police were called about an irate customer at Baltimore IGA Express. He was upset about having to pay taxes on kerosene.

• Nov. 24: Police took a report about the theft of a trash can on South Main Street.

• Nov. 25: Police took a report after an East Monroe Street woman was bitten by a dog while running.

• Nov. 26: Police took a report of an assault at the high school from the victim's mother.

• Nov. 28: Police checked the area of Maple and Market streets after receiving a report from the fire department about a young girl being followed by an SUV. Police checked the area closely, but didn't findanyone.

• Nov. 28: Police were called about a domestic dispute on Washington Street. The female half said she was assaulted by the male half. The male went to the police station.

• Nov. 29: Police took a report after a semi truck struck a vehicle parked near the Cozy Corner.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 7: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-boyfriend stole several items when he left.

• Jan. 9: A Sabina, Ohio woman reported her car was stolen while she was visiting her daughter.

• Jan. 10: A Granville man reported someone stole a commercial vacuum from his truck.

• Jan. 11: Officer assisted Hebron Police with two theft suspects behind the Hebron Kroger.

• Jan. 12: A Newark man reported someone spray-painted Sayre Brother's marina and a nearby house. The sidewalk was also spray-painted.

• Jan. 12: A West 6th Street man reported that someone stole a 5,000-watt generator from a North Bank location.

• Jan. 12: An abandoned car at the Buckeye Lake Post Officewas reported. Police impounded it.

• Jan. 12: A Newark woman drove into a telephone pole on Anchors Way. There were no injuries.

• Jan. 13: A Nashport man reported his vehicle was vandalized at Buckeye Lake.

• Jan. 13: A Walnut Road man and a Union Avenue woman reported their vehicles were vandalized.

• Jan. 14: Officers assisted Hebron Police with a homeowner who was wanting a person to leave the residence. Things were going smoothly until the person said he wouldn't leave without his portable Play Station. Officerstold him to leave immediately, but the man picked up a knife and began stabbing himself in his arm. Officersfired tasers at the man, who was then taken into custody. He was treated at the scene by the squad then taken to the Licking County Jail.

• Jan. 15: A North Bank woman reported someone vandalized her home with spray paint.

• Jan. 15: An alarm drop was reported at Scooter's Bar. It was a false alarm. The building was secure.


• Dec. 1: Police responded to an alarm drop at a North High Street business about an open loading dock door. Police found a keyholder working an a vehicle inside.

• Dec. 1: Police responded to a 9-1-1 hang-up call from a Lake Forest Drive home. A juvenile was playing on the phone.

• Dec. 12: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $10 worth of fuel.

• Dec. 1: A Broadway Street apartment resident complained about an upstairs tenant dropping weights on the floor. The neighbor was advised.

• Dec. 1: Police checked a vehicle license plat at the Duke station. The owner came back as suspended. Police stopped the vehicle. The driver wasn't the owner and had a valid license.

• Dec. 1: Police stoodby while a couple that is splitting up removed items form a West North Street apartment.

• Dec. 2: Police were called to Kroger's about a shoplifter. A store manager said the suspect was seen taking a bottle of alcohol and putting it in his pants. The suspect then paid for a two liter bottle of pop at the self-service checkout and attempted to leave the store. The suspect allegedly admitted to taking the alcohol. A police search of his person turned up a can of dust remover. He denied taking it but it scanned as a Kroger item. At the police station, he allegedly confessed to stealing the dust remover, explaining that he was going to sniff it. The Reynoldsburg man was taken to jail.

• Dec. 3: Police were called to Kroger's about the unauthorized use of a credit card. The card holder said a former roommate had taken her card.

• Dec. 3: Police picked up a man from the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officewanted on a Hebron warrant for driving under suspension. He was taken to jail.

• Dec. 3: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police by taking photos of an assault victim.

• Dec. 3: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police while serving a warrant at Leisure Village. The person wasn't there.

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