2008-01-19 / News

Roshon hearing postponed

By Scott Rawdon

BALTIMORE- A room full of people at the Liberty Township Hall learned Tuesday night that they'll have to wait a month before learning whether the Liberty Township Board of Zoning Appeals grants an extension to the Roshon Estates-a proposed 100-acre development slated for construction near the intersection of Stoudertown Road and Heimberger Lane. The hearing was postponed to Feb. 12, 7:30 p.m. at a location to be announced.

Under township zoning regulations, construction on a site must begin within two years after the development plan is approved or the property's zoning reverts to what it was before the approval. The Roshon Estates site is nearing the two-year limit.

Judy Thompson, representing property owner Richard Roshon, requested postponement of Tuesday night's hearing, saying that Roshon wasn't properly notified of the hearing and his attorney, Mike Shannon, was ill and couldn't be present Tuesday evening.

BZA member Jack Schafer suggested tabling the hearing until all details could be addressed. "This is our first one of these. We're bound to make a few mistakes," he said.

"If it's appealed, it's best if we do everything correctly," said Zoning Administrator Tom Spring.

BZA Chair Bill McNeel said that when the board reconvenes the hearing Feb. 12, it will be held in a larger space than what's available at the Township Hall to accommodate a large audience.

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