2008-01-19 / News

Monument saved

By Charles Prince

BUCKEYE LAKE - Clint and Tami Harris' cemetery monument will continue to mark their graves in Harrison Township's York Street Cemetery. The black granite representation of Clint's FXRP Harley Davidson "Agent Orange" motorcycle should be there forever.

Thanks to Gary Webb's tireless efforts and the generosity of the Harris' friends, the $1,764.07 due Balconi Monuments of Sandusky, Ohio has been paid in full. Buckeye Lake Mayor Frank Foster and his wife, Andrea were among the donors this week.

For some friends it was their second donation toward the monument Clint designed for his beloved wife who died in a vehicle crash Oct. 26, 2005. Clint paid about half the cost before he died some six months later in a work accident.

Friends discovered about two weeks ago that Balconi was considering repossessing the monument after months of waiting for full payment. The monument had been installed in December 2006. Rick Canter claimed to have raised over $5,000 from friends and family to pay off the monument in 2006. But only a fraction of that money actually made it to Balconi.

Canter is currently being held in the Licking County jail on charges of felony and grand theft. He is accused of taking nearly $10,000 from an elderly victim. He has not been charged with anything concerning the Harris' monument. Although several donors have discussed the situation with the Licking County Sheriff's Office,a formal complaint has yet to be filed.

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