2008-01-19 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says health department is empire building with new fee


A tax is a tax. Unless you live in Fairfield County, then it is called an inspection fee. I think a class action suit is in order.

The FairfieldCounty Health Department wants more money. Well, what department doesn't?

Awhile back they came up with a scheme of doing an inspection on all aerobic sewage systems. Put some people in a vehicle and drive around the county, doing nothing. This has worked so well they want to expand it and call it a Groundwater Protection Program.

Sound good? What is this all about? It's kingdom building. I've worked in government for 30 years and this is how it works. You want to make more money and be more powerful. So you need to expand your office, hire more people and you're building an empire. With $700,000 per year (17,500 homes at $40 each), you can build a nice empire. But in a couple of years that won't not be enough.

They claim the new program is to regulate household sewage treatment systems. Well they already do or maybe I should say they charge you for a permit. I paid $$$$ for my permit. Of course, they did not do anything; they just took my money and smiled. Nice people.

If my memory serves me correctly, what happened over there at Covered Bridge Estates and that area? I think I remember something about our health department sold bad sewage permits and there were sewage in the back yards. It generated a lot of talk, but the health department claimed no wrong doing, well duh. Someone called the Ohio EPA, not a good plan. As I remember it cost each home owner about $18,000 to fixit.

The feds have Al Gore with his global warming hoax. Well, we have Larry Hanna with his Groundwater Protection Program. Mr. Hanna is the Environmental Health Director at the health department. If Mr. Gore gets his way, it will cost us billions. Mr. Hanna's hoax will just cost us about $20,000 or so in the beginning.

What is the bottom line, a county wide sewage treatment system? Hire more people, charge us a user fee. You may think I'm exaggerating and it may not happen for a while, but it is coming. I'm sure Mr. Hanna and his staff will tell you I don't know what I'm talking about. Well, I'll be ready to accept your apology when it happens. The health department won't like this letter. I bet they will come by my house and check my system very closely. That's how they operate. Chuck Evey Baltimore

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