2008-01-19 / Editorials & Letters

New resident wants to help improve Buckeye Lake


I am a new resident of the Buckeye Lake area. However, numerous visits have been made to Buckeye Lake for the past 42 years. Good changes have occurred in recent years. Some neighborhoods show dramatic improvements, while others need more attention. The village has a variety of business, nice strip malls and a new state park. Hopefully, a couple of new condo developments can soon be reality.

I enjoy getting to know my community. A few characteristics of neighborhoods have been observed. My new neighborhood seems to welcome diversity. The neighbors are friendly, fun-loving and helpful. They maintain their homes whether personally owned or rented. What more could one want of a great neighborhood.

Driving through some areas of Buckeye Lake, one observes new homes and old cottages being revitalized and restored. Some places remain in bad to deplorable condition. Restoring a community takes changes or additions to its infrastructure, volunteers, money, time, creativity and lots of hard, hard work. Personally making our community better can be rewarding and an act of love.

While visiting some areas, I couldn't help but notice some properties filled with junk or abandoned cars, various items of debris, old furniture, appliances and general trash. Removing all the aforementioned is relatively easy and affordable on almost any budget and greatly changes the face of a community. Both property owners and renters can make great strides in beautifying Buckeye Lake neighborhoods. Cleaning up a neighborhood sometimes takes a little elbow grease, bending of the knee or back, using a few trash bags and a cheap rake.

As winter holds its natural grip on us, trash and cars can still be removed. Spring looms on the horizon with the promise of sunny warm days providing the opportunity to spruce up our places with a little paint and inexpensive landscaping.

Small accomplishments faithfully executed with pride can establish long term amazing results. I would like to challenge homeowners and renters alike to continue changing the look of our lakeside community in a positive way.

Our homes, neighborhoods and community can speak volumes of our own and collective character.

My own character, dignity, self-worth and self-respect have always, in part, been tied to where I live and how my home is maintained. Whoever thought character can partially be developed in ones own back yard.

Help me make Buckeye Lake one of the great places to live in Licking County. The next time I drive through your neighborhood or mine, I hope to see a little of your character revealed in the way you are doing your part to better Buckeye Lake.

I can hardly wait for my next visit. Mike Meadows Buckeye Lake

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