2008-01-12 / Editorials & Letters

One more Letter: Dog owners need to clean up after them in Evans Park


I have enjoyed Evans Park in Hebron for about six months now, when I discovered the wonderful walking path.

Weather permitting, I walk my small dog on the path and he loves it. Many other dog walkers seem to think the same thing as I meet or see quite a few on some days. I think it is wonderful and we are so lucky to have such a facility to go to for sports and outings alike.

I have one complaint. During my walks, I notice big piles of dog waste along the path in different spots. When I walk my dog, I bring with me, paper towels and a plastic bag to pick up any waste my dog might deposit.

The park rules are in clear sight and they have also added signs warning people that it is the law, for public sanitary reasons, that they must clean up after their pet, yet some people think they are above doing this. They must think they are fertilizing the lawn.

What if these dogs have a disease or problem that the owner is unaware of? Dogs will be dogs and have to sniff or go close to the waste and this could cause the infected waste to be passed on to other pets or worse yet, kids. I have seen animal waste near the playground area. What I am afraid of is, if this continues, these people (whom aren't bad people, they just didn't think of it in this manner) will make it so no pets will be allowed in the park at all and ruin it for everyone.

I am asking PLEASE for everyone who loves the park ( I know I do ) and want to be able to continue to bring their pets there, to bring a bag or scooper so when Fido does his/her daily deposit, it can be properly disposed of. This only shows respect for the park and other people. Bring an extra bag and offer it to someone you see that may not have one as a kind gesture.

Maybe if we all work together, we can all enjoy the park for years to come. Lorie Kelly Buckeye Lake

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