2008-01-12 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake wastes money on private trees


I'm relieved to see that the old rotten tree along East Street was finally removed. However, I'm not happy that our tax dollars paid for it. That tree belonged to the Myer-Eikenberry family and was inside their wire fence. Why would the village spend money they don't have to cut down a tree that doesn't even belong to them? We have to ask Council President Charlene Hayden and Police Chief Ron Small since they are the ones who authorized it.

Apparently, they're also talking about cutting down the other rotten tree on East Street tree at the bus turn-around. That one will cost a lot more of your tax dollars! However, it appears that tree is ALSO on private property- the old Bounds farm.

Both of these tree lost significant branches during storms last Fall. The mayor has been aware that both of these trees were an imminent danger to public safety for months. Why weren't both of these trees removed LAST YEAR when they first became an obvious threat?

Recently, we've had several high wind storms. I'm surprised that these trees haven't already toppled onto passing cars, the school bus, school children or a neighboring house.

Both property owners should have been notified last year to remove the trees immediately. If the village wants to continue to be in the tree business, I'm sure they'll be getting plenty of phone calls from residents who can't afford to remove problem trees.

This is just another example of poor management and wasteful spending. But don't worry; we have an "educated" council, especially the finance chair who is watching things very carefully! And…another tax increase to vote on real soon. Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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