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Thornville had full-time chief being paid part-time wages'


December 27 was Duane Moore's last day as Thornville's Chief of Police. Duane and Elaine will be going to the Somerset Police Department. Thornville's loss will be Somerset's gain in my opinion, but I am no longer a business owner in Thornville so to many my opinion doesn't matter.

Thornville had a great deal with a part-time chief who cared full time for the community where he lived and protected. His life partner & wife, Elaine, worked free of charge for the Village. They are a couple who believed in what they do and they did it well when they were allowed by the budget.

Let me tell you a story: One day it snowed all day and by nightfall it was a Level 3 storm and no one was supposed to be on the roads in Perry County. Chief Duane showed up at the shop and told me I couldn't drive home; it just wasn't safe. He had called my husband, Bill and told him I would be safe at his house with Elaine.

I stayed in their guest room that night and listened to the phone ring again and again with calls from village residents. Chief Duane went out twice to get people out of ditches with his personal vehicle and in the morning he drove me to the shop so I could serve the local residents. He returned at closing to pick me up and I stayed a second night because of the storm. The point is no one from council cared if I opened my business or even got homesafe, but Duane and Elaine did.

Bill and I always appreciated having them watching out for us and our business. Thornville had a full time chief being paid part-time wages for over a decade. I have learned your life will some times change for the better when others make decisions for you. I wish Duane and Elaine the best at what ever they do.

In friendship, Ria Fox Baltimore

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